fake meat soya product : should it be a transition phase ?

Being vegetarian or for the more dedicated vegan, especially those of us who chose to be for ethic reasons over health reasons (or both, some chose vegetarianism only as a health choice, no link to compassion to animals, fight against specism, etc.)

So my question is, if we become vegetarian/vegan for ethic reasons, why keep a vague memory of meat and it's taste under the form of fake meat : turkey, smoked turkey, bacon, bbq, beef, chicken, seafood soya, seitan and other veg burgers and sausages ?

Keeping these products in our diet, we maintain a taste for meat (texture and taste) ?

Shouldn't we be aiming at simply erasing this from our lives in order to attain complete compassionate lifestyle ?

Maybe they could be a transition phase to a completely vegetarian / vegan diet in which the taste of meat is absent a 100% ?

Your opinions ?

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there is no sentiment feelings in using the term "meat" try to refer to animal flesh as well "animal flesh". to me it emphasizes that that "meat" was once a living being.

Found this on fb today:

Fake Meat for the Masses?


Not that I would go for it, but I think its a great way forward!

I never used it to transition, and rarely to never use it 25 years later.  However, I never cared for the taste of meat to begin with.  If you enjoy the taste and want to curb a craving, I say in moderation, or trace amounts... go for it!  Otherwise, it's high in sodium, additives and preservatives.  At the same time, convenient for travel, BBQ or things of that nature.  I prefer grain/bean patties.  Tofu Asian or Indian style.

There is nothing "fake" about it. The etymology of the word meat has nothing to do with dead animals. It's simply the main part of the meal. The shapes and sizes they cut meat into are handy and appealing. And the flavors in meat have more to do with the seasoning than the flesh.

the bible referes to meat as the flesh of fruits, i think calling animals meat is part of the wordology trick or propaganda used to communize people from knowledge, vegans unaware

I see nothing wrong with soy, mushrooms, lentils and other fake meat products /I am about the compassion for the animals not eating them - there is no way I'd ever eat an animal again.  The vegan substitutes dont taste like what I remember dead animal flesh was like and for every veggie bugger I eat that/s one less hamburger sold therefore 1 animal or part of said animal that is saved! Vegetarian 5+ yrs vegan 2

no looking back
Raw Vegan is next :)

Cracks me up : just found this, never heard of him before but that's basically my opinion on all fake meat products and vegans on fake burgers, seitan and all, which are btw made of gluten, starches and so on, ingredients to be consumed in small and very controlled quantities, not as a staple.



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