How many of you, while your family may support your lifestyle, still have to cook a separate meal for them?  I fall into that category.  My decision to embrace this new lifestyle was because of a medical necessity.  It reversed my beginning stage kidney disease that I had been living with for about 5 years. The doctors never told me that eating differently could help.  But, after grilling a few nurses and doing some research, I found that you could help kidney disorders with watching your protein intake very closely.  So for me, eliminating meat was not a big stretch.  I could always take it or leave it.  Don't get me wrong, I did miss the turkey at Thanksgiving and a juicy burger last summer, but after a year, those cravings even disappeared.  

Ok, what I am getting at is, how do you handle making 2 meals?  I often find that I will make my families, meat based meal, and then mine is just an afterthought.  I just end up making a quick stir fry or throwing together a salad.   I make sure I always have brown rice or quinoa in the refrigerator, but that is usually as far as i get.  I would love to hear any and all suggestions.

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