Though the notion for vegetarians is that they already have food restriction, does anyone still fast despite being one? I know I do. Anyone else?

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yes we do too.. Infact in a country like India, we do have enough food options and wide variety of cuisines for vegetarians (often more than what is available for non-vegetarians) that essentially makes abstinence from eating meat No Big Restriction.

That is one of the cultural strength of India, they already has founded enough on eating mostly vegetables. My question though, aside from abstinence in eating meat - actual fasting without any intake for detox. :)

both actually. For me its a discipline on top of the choice of already being a vegetarian. The challenge in it is people around you insists on offering you food especially when they see you not eating. How do you go through the day of fasting when people behave the way they do?

was intrigue on this.. :D

yeah i fast too.. i follow a certain fasting schedule based.. its a spiritual practice but i follow it for discipline purposes..restricting myself keeps me non complacent on my everyday stuff (really can't explain it :) hehe). Actually i became vegetarian because of fasting.. i got addicted on fasting and i learned that it is better it feels way better during fasting and breaking if i fast while im on full vege diet.. so i change to become vegetarian.. and of course for certain spiritual purpose ^.^

I fast, now and again. On occasion for spiritual purposes, once or twice to lose a little bit of weight before a birthday or a wedding- but mostly just for the benefits it can bring. Well, I'd consider what I do more cleansing than fasting, I'm focusing on what I'm taking out rather than what I'm not putting in.

I fast from time to time to save money or I am too lazy or busy to eat.  On top of that, I know the health benefits of fasting which cleanses the body and causes the regeneration of new blood cells.  

So I save money, cure diseases and lose wait all at the same time, and as for spiritual, I use the moment to concentrate on my spiritual beliefs as well.

I've been doing a juice fast :p pure juiced veggies and fruits only, no solids. Was very apt to do one after watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on Netflix.

sounds good.  but be careful which juices you drink together.  i think food combining laws might still apply.  if you don't comply, then the IFCP will get you!

IFCP=improper food combining police

lol!!! There's a police for that?! xD haha which ones shouldn't you combine? I'm still new to this.

oh, well I read a book called Food Combining Made Easy.  I bought it at Fred Meyer Grocery in the health food section.  

so it says that protein and starches don't go together so tofu and rice is a no no.

but in regards to juices, fruit juice can probably be separate from most vegetable juices because the sugar enzmes in the body are different than the ones for proteins and other minerals found in the veggies.

so to be on the safe side, I would drink the fruits only in the early morning and afternoon,  away from the lunch or dinner veg juices.

if you get any gas from eating foods, then chances are that you have made a FCV (food combining violation) and then the IFCP would have to arrest you for that violation and they would have to put you on some food probationary laws.

lol ok I'll make sure I don't get in any trouble with the IFCP :p thanks for the advice!!!

Never. I have trouble maintaining weight. So I eat as much as possible and exercise to barely keep up 150-155lbs of weight.


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