Though the notion for vegetarians is that they already have food restriction, does anyone still fast despite being one? I know I do. Anyone else?

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SO many different levels and types of fasting...not sure what kind you are referring to?  If its full fast, no food or drink?  Or are you referring to just liquids, just veggies, just juice...

I grew up with a mother that fasted for religious purposes, I detox for health purposes  (liver/kidney/bowel) I can no longer manage a full fast,  as a fitness instructor I need the energy!!

Hi julie, thanks for sharing. I'm referring to any kind of fast. I am active too and I know of people that are also fitness instructors and yet they go on full fast with the same frequency as I do. No problem. More because by that time the body utilizes all stored energy and because it is not busy digesting any food it can focus on the activity at hand. Also, during fast days we tend to sleep late to avoid waking up at wee hours before breaking (at sunrise) and avoid the thought of getting hungry just a few hours before breaking and yet there is no feeling of sleep deprivation. I feel cleansed and rejuvinated after. :)

I don't feel restricted at all as a vegan! Eliminating 5 or so things from my diet (beef, poultry, pork, fish, eggs, milk) is no big deal. In fact, I think I have added more things to my diet as a vegan than I ever did eating a SAD diet. I do fasts for cleansing. I think it's important. Dr. Fuhram also has a great book about fasting and talks about the benefits of it often.

I'm a raw vegetarian. I've fasted for a day. I'm in the mood to go for another cleaning some time soon.

Thanks Klaus. Even I appreciate food better after every fast. I do it 4x a month, both for belief (i don't prefer using religion here) and cleansing. It is a full fast usually following the cycle of the moon. No intake at all and the breaking is almost the same as you do, but for me at least one liter lemon water, one liter water after and banana.

And yes, during a fast I am more alert and focused coz I don't have to think about what to eat. And more of a reminder how blessed we are. We fast because we believe it is good for us, as for some they are forced-fast because they have no choice. One of the sad truths.

I am following a whole-food diet and when I feel that my body needs cleansing I go raw... That's all I do basically that might be classified as fasting for some.

Yes sometimes I do, for my health, morning cup of white tea, lunch some fruits and dinner whole meal, once weekly.

i fast for 24 hours with no water once every few months. It gives my body a break. I then break my fast with a light fruit meal, usually some kind of fruit juice or smoothie. i feel great afterwards!

Yes, I did a green juice fast right before I decided to go vegan.  Getting ready to do one again.  I do it because it makes me feel better to get all the toxins out of my body.  And as hard as I try to eat natural they still sneak chemicals in any way they can.  I live in a very small ranching community so it is really hard to get anything natural so I have to soak all my vegetables and fruit in a vinegar solutions and I am sure I am still getting some. 

I don't. Sometimes I go on diet because even vegetarian food can be fatty or I don't drink alcohol for some time. But fasting has to have some spiritual thing, that's why my restrictions I don't call fasting, it's just a temporary food/drink restriction.


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