My mother has been against faux fur for a long time, she won't touch the stuff. From what I saw looking into it is that some of it is fake, but some of it is dog and cat-hide. It is know that Philippines, Thailand, China and other Asian countries deal in the hide business (I'm not picking on these countries here, just pointing it out) and this is where most of the skins come from. You may want to give these a look. I don't wear fur anyway, obviously, but as I said, my mother (a vegetarian) is adamantly against faux fur:

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Hmm, I don't wear fur anyway but this is good to know. It makes me think though, how fake is any of the faux animal clothing...

I LOVE love love love when a product labels itself as vegan, it makes things so much easier- though I noticed in the store some products (which use palm oil) labeling themselves as vegan. Always pays to be careful. Again thank you for this discussion, it's a good reminder to be very cautious when purchasing new things as to their origins. I find this trickery and continued use of disgusting exploitation unacceptable. Education is the key to stamp it out.

It should be required by law. That they allow companies that loop hole (like the cost being under a certain amount thing) really really bothers me, but I guess it doesn't surprise me. Money wins out, eh? I understand, it is so hard- and it's depressing it has to be so hard, why is something like peace and outlawing cruelty so difficult? We are a minority, but our numbers are growing- we're the forefathers (and mothers haha) of some great change, like our veggie predecessors ;) It will be easier and easier in the future, as compassion "catches on".

Thanks for this post, Gerett! I wasn't aware of this. I had heard that people were being lied to, and that many products were mislabeled, but I had no idea it was to this extent. That they allow people to lie about it if it's under a certain "dollar amount"... can't say that surprises me, the unethical tactics... but I can't believe it's allowed. 

same here. I was very shocked to read this. 

Sigh, and here I was thinking they were making progress, haha. 

How can a vegetarian be against faux fur? unless it isn't faux at all.? O.o how can people label something as fake if it isn't even fake at all.? -.- & me to, Lauren Woods, me to..

I dont wear fur at all..But,i do have faux accessories, but I made sure when I bought them where they came from.I am like that ,because I do not want children making the stuff I buy, or child labor being using to do so.You really need to dig down and make sure where the stuff you buy  is coming from, and put time in it.I am against any company or country that uses children for labor.Most of them countries you listed Gerett, do by the way.Everyone thinks about it not coming from animals, but buys stuff that children are use for slaves to make..Do your homework peeps!:)

How many own apple products??? (Apple child-labor problems runs deep..just saying.)

oh wow. that is so sad Jenii. I wonder if there is anything we can do..or myself for that matter. 

Beautifully said :) We shouldn't forget- humans are animals too. I think being vegan is already kind of an automatic no-use-of-slavery-crafted-product type of lifestyle. It reminds me of that interview with Gary Yourofsky, when the student tries the tactic of "But your clothes are made by this!" when he knows EXACTLY where his clothes come from, and they are cruelty (and slave) free :)! Heightened awareness of all things we purchase is key to ending exploitation of all beings.


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