My mother has been against faux fur for a long time, she won't touch the stuff. From what I saw looking into it is that some of it is fake, but some of it is dog and cat-hide. It is know that Philippines, Thailand, China and other Asian countries deal in the hide business (I'm not picking on these countries here, just pointing it out) and this is where most of the skins come from. You may want to give these a look. I don't wear fur anyway, obviously, but as I said, my mother (a vegetarian) is adamantly against faux fur:

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Everyone does I think, haha. It's sad but they brainwash people VERY well, that idea is saturated in our society. I agree completely, change takes time- people close themselves off, but many are waiting to be brought to the light, haha! I know I wish someone would have informed me, earlier. This is why we must be so much more outspoken, and never stop trying to educate people. They can wake up, the majority can, for sure. You are right, certain things have to align- eventually we'll have it down to a science, haha. I can't think of a better speaker, Ger, keep going :)

In the past, I have noticed that for instance, the rabbit feet that are sold like key chains, are not rabbit fur, but are probably cat fur or whatever.  I have also seen coats that were fake bear fur but were actually cat or some other animal.

I never noticed that any of those furs were posed as fake fur, other than the animal they were faking.  I don't think I ever liked fur coats. I felt it was sketchy to have an animal on me.  I wasn't sure of the attraction that people had. I felt the same way about leather jackets.  I never bought one because I didn't see the point.

since the meat eating scientific world doesn't care about whether or not animals die, I am not surprised about gelatin being in vitamins.  who is funding scientists?  well I don't know exactly how it all works but I know at certain times in America and also in Nazi Germany, that the military was a source of income for scientific research, space research and so on.  since the world is made of people who want to conquer others, animals are always going to be in last place.  its one of the reasons I have against the military, because I don't think they care much about the essence of life, even if we talk about them only being used for self defense.

the military being used for self defense doesn't make much logic since each military will be saying the same thing. it starts with someone, doesn't it?  I think stopping war might be a good way to stop animal torture because at least without war there might be enough room for people to think clearly instead of always trying to defend their nation.

I ensured all mine were absolutely entirely 100% pure synthetic before I bought anything, I always do for every boot, shoe, etc. I try to only buy things that use only plant products and don't test on animals. Preferably made in a developed country as well, though that can be more difficult to find. PS: I'd sue a bunch of those companies for mislabelling. They can get in serious legal trouble for it. Just target the deepest pockets as my law prof always says 

Bless your beautiful heart.

i wear a faux fur coat in winter, i know it is made of acrylic and polyester, no animals involved, but i am having doubts about its use, as people may look and think fur and get the message its okay to wear fur so so its under reveiw for this winter

Thank you for posting this. I was looking at getting faux suede and did some research after I read this and it turns out that in many cases the faux products (that are mislabeled and are not synthetic) are worse than the real ones as the animals are skinned alive rather than killed first. Not that I am for either situation. I am truly sickened by this deception and will certainly pass this along.


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