I strongly believe that books make the world a more beautiful place and that each one`s life has a book that tells his story. What`s your "soul" book/s?            Could you recomand me some good books to read?

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The Road by Cormac McCarthy. a great father/son bonding book, even if it's harsh.

Proud and prejudice and all Harry Potter's books. Kisses sweet.

already read Pride and prejudice and really enjoyed it. Also read Emma. Did you read it?

sorry but i don`t like the H. P`s books

Hey Bianca. There's a group for vegetarian Potterheads. Hope you'll join it.

Hmmm, well if you don't mind things that are grungy I would recommend the Heroine Diaries by Nikki Sixx. It's a powerful story and even if you haven't struggled with drugs it shows the journey through a persons transformation. If you want something a little more clean cut I suggest novels like Jane Eyre or even The Awakening.

Loved Jane Eyre :X

if you enjoy those powerful stories, I recommand you Hygiene and the Assassin, Attempt or Sulphuric Acid all by Amelie Nothomb ;)

I agree with you that books make the world a more beautiful place :)

I like a lot of Paulo Coelho's books, well I don't know the names in English, but those witch I read were very good. He makes you think a lot about your life... 

But, I am reading A Song of Ice and Fire now, and it's being a great story.

The Bell Jar is the one book I can read and reread; I also really love Wuthering Heights, the Poisonwood Bible (Kingsolver) and the travelogue series by Troost, beginning with the Sex Lives of Cannibals. Three Cups of Tea, also. And Never Let Me Go is a recent favorite, it gets better and better the longer you read.

i allready read some of the books you mentioned as Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre or The alchimist by Paulo Coelho, Pride and prejudice and i`m glad that you like them as well.

does any of you like the books of Haruki Murakami?

Osho's  "Book of Secrets"

Check out The Partner by John Grisham.

The perks of being a wallflower - Stephen Chbosky and Harry Potter series.


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