I strongly believe that books make the world a more beautiful place and that each one`s life has a book that tells his story. What`s your "soul" book/s?            Could you recomand me some good books to read?

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Did anyone read "Way Of the Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman? A very powerful book. Also, "Veronica decides to die" was one of my favorites from the Paulo Coelho series. These both made a strong impression on me. The movies they made after them are much weaker, tough.

I also like french revolution books, but I take them as leisure books.

I am a huge Dannielle Steel fan, she several amazing books.

Big girl

Silent Honour

Second Chance

Special Delivery 

The Ghost


Then I love all the hannibal books and John Patterson books are always a good read. 

Stephen King - Duma Key

totaly awesome book! When I am reading it it makes me so.... how to say it.... peacefull... ;-)


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