I have been a vegan for 11 months . and I haven't been as active here because I have slipped and could not get stop eating fish. my daughter is a vegetarian and I myself am now one too. which I know is wrong but i'm under too much pressure from my daughter's father's family who are too controlling and i want things to be easy for them even though I had plenty of arguments about how it is ok to be vegan even for children and soy milk is too expensive with how much my daughter drinks so had to switch to cow's milk. i dislike all of this and i can't stop feeling guilty over it. how can I get back on the path? even if it's just for myself. I don't want to be judged but i have no place to go online that feels safe without people bashing. it's enough that we do not have the means as far as financial goes with clothing or food such as vegan meals and soy milk. just need some help.  thank you very much. 

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believe me cow milk is also good for growing children, if your family putting too much pressure for your children's meal then let your children eat what your family want , because then after when he/she will grown up and became mature they will automatically understand that what is wrong and what is right for them  to eat and for everything related to them , and children always follow their mom's path .so dont take mental tension for matter , live happy and blessed. as you have child please dont follow  veganism now , its not a right time for that. if you can , then try to include milk and yogurt in your and children's meal.

Don't feel guilty. Few people go cold turkey into straight vegan. Don't beat yourself up about what you can and can't do. Just  be persistent, do the best you can and you'll eventually get where you want to be.

Hi Latia,

I felt your distress in your message and I wanted to address some kind words to you: It is OK to slip... What matters is more all the reasons you have to become vegetarian/vegan and you may naturally come back or do more as you go along. Life is not a competition and you, as everybody else, has to start where you are at... It is usual to feel some pressure especially for the people around that might not understand why you care for your family's health and diet, and it takes time for you to be more stable and confident in your choices, and for your people to learn that it is OK to be vegetarian/vegan. I know as some scientific facts that fish contains lots of heavy metals and it is better to get your Omega 3 and proteins from plant sources (like flax seeds, greens and grains), animal milk contains also lots of antibiotics, hormones and vaccines that are not good for health. I don't want to be hard on you as I understand it might be difficult to get organic plant based food for you and your baby, but think in a day to day strategy, do at the present day what is best you can do, and you will improve and learn in your journey... You ate fish and bought cow milk, it is OK, it is done, but you don't have to blame yourself because of some mistake, and it is not a mistake, you did not find another way at this time, but life is long, tomorrow is another day, and you can make different choices in the future...

Vitamin B12 is important for you as well as for your baby, and it is wise to have a variety and a large array of different natural foods to get Proteins, Iron and Calcium... If it is too difficult to stay vegan, don't worry, you do what you can, and if you can stay vegetarian it is not that of a "slip", and you can still hope to do better, according to your own values, in the future... Cravings are also an emotional response, so you could also figure out what triggers that response with you... You know the more you learn, practice and inquire, the more you would be able to integrate more good things in your life, you know we are all in some kind of transition...

You may find some help and inspiration by watching some videos on youtube, or research at some vegetarian/vegan official site what is a vegan baby appropriate diet, or buy a serious good book on how to raise a baby vegetarian/vegan, or try to find a doctor that knows about vegetarianism and veganism and who could recommend what is best in your situation... I found this document on internet looking for "vegetarian baby diet", and attached it with this message

Different from most people today, you are already aware of the benefits of a vegetarian/vegan diet, and you are willing to embrace the path, so that is already a great achievement, you don't have to be hard on yourself and feel guilty because you have challenges to attain the goals you have fixed, but maybe it would be easier to fix more reasonable goals, doing step by steps, day by day the best you can, and staying happy in progressing...

I wish you the best, kindly, Patrick

im just a vegie coz i cant afford vegan food. though i always buy soya milk, its only a few pence more expencise than cows milk. but i wouldnt let other people interfere with how you rais your kids. its your desition what your kids eat until they are old enough to decide for themselves. my second daughters dad tried to say he wanted her to be a meat eater and i just told him were to go. and he had no right to enforce hes views on us. coz of a child is raised vegie but decides to eat meat as an adult, no harm done they can ween themselves onto it. but if youv got a sensitive child who loves animals and you feed them meat it could upset them. but your childrens grandparents and aunts and uncles have no right to pressure you into giveing them meat. they should respect your choices and they should love your kids no matter what their diet is. i when kids visit my parents house nothing is too much trouble and my wishes are respected.

Soy milk is anything but expensive if you know where to look. Look for brands that are owned by the store you shop at and you will find that it is usually much cheaper than cows milk per litre. Bigger brands such as Alpro tends to be much more expensive plus much less ethical (Alpro is owned by Dean Foods, the largest dairy company in the world)


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