I am so ecstatic. Got back from Doc's and my choletoral dropped SIGNIFICANTLY!. :D I struggled being just over the borderline of high and low, towards the high side. The docotr was proud! I give the credit to the vegetarian diet and running! Makes me wonder, how many of you seen better overal health since going veg?

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My health has improved so much! I was vegetarian for all my life until last year i decided to become full vegan. My skin started looking amazing, my blood pressure went from abnormally low to healthy and i found myself with better energy levels. I just had a baby 6 weeks ago and maintained a vegan diet all the way through :) my babies health is absolutely perfect and the doctor says my breast milk is even healthier than most women he sees, as my baby is gaining a pound almost every 2 weeks! the main thing is making sure to get the proper amount of vitamins and proteins without substituting them for sugar items/fatty foods :) 

good luck and congrats! 

thanks. :)


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