what are some foods you never thought were vegan?  for me , it was Oreos. 

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The crumpets I were looking at weren't vegan. Maybe I should look again. I miss a good crumpet :-)

The ones I buy are made in Canada, unfortunately. When I find the right round metal thing I have been meaning to try this recipe for crumpets: http://vegandad.blogspot.ca/2008/01/crumpets.html

Planters Roasted Peanuts


My ex-roomate (a vegetarian) got this by mistake and was almost about to have it. Luckily, he read the ingredients and was shocked to find that this had gelatin. He immediately trashed it! 

Oreos! Seriously? I am going to the shop right now!! :-)

This might not be true but I seem to remember British Oreos not being vegan..... 

i'm not british .. i'm in the US. ..why aren't British oreos vegan? 

I believe they put whey in there. But apparently they aren't veggie either... http://www.oreo.co.uk/FAQ

I just read online that the Oreos in Britain were going vegan! At least a lot of vegan blogs I follow were making victory posts stating they would be making them vegan in Britain, but not positive.

yup oreos are vegan. 

well I just learned the ramen noodles were not vegan :/

That was a sad day for me as well, haha. At 12 cents a bag or so those things were so economical. C'est la vie.


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