Now here is something I noticed from some vegetarians.  They will eat foods, like jelly beans, or fruit snacks, or desserts that have gelatin in it.  Now I want to know what you all do, what you all think about being vegetarian and eating gelatin? 

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I think if an animal had to die to make it- and it's a product of a once-living animal, it's not quite vegetarian. When I was vegetarian I wouldn't touch it.

So Im confused by what you mean by "not quite vegetarian".

I mean that because vegetarians abstain from meat- it's curious to see how some feel differently when it's not essentially the meat but the other parts of the animal they are consuming- though I would consider animal tissue as meat. Perspectives!

Ok, I feel you.  I personally do eat gelatin at times.  I also eat eggs and dairy.  So its hard to justify what to eat and what not to eat at times.  Since Im not a vegan.  So i was just curious as to what people felt.  Oh and, Ive decided to give up on eating sea food.  That was something I still ate in my first couple weeks as vegetarian. 

They do have things like gelatin free jello now if you're interested! Okay I posted a nice reply but it didn't post :( I congratulated you on giving up fish! That's an amazing step!

I think gelatin is a product like meat. i wouldn't touch it, especially as there are more natural "replacers". there are gummybears with pektin instead of gelatin for example (allthough gummybears are easy to cut out :D).

I think the type of vegetarian that eats gelatin is very unreflected. They don't eat meat for some reasons but they also don't live vegetarian as a "lifestlye". They also wear leather and maybe ignore it if they hear about animal abuse for some of their favourite products (of all kinds). It's good not to eat meat, but especially saying "it's just a side product" is just stupid. If you imagine a world living like that persons, noone would eat meat but the animals still get killed for leather and gelatin. what a lose-lose. It's the same with sauces. You can't say "a sauce is just spiced water and not meat, maybe there was one in it but i dont eat it, soo..." as THIS sauce had meat to be produced.

So when I still ate meat we always told some vegetarian friends that gummybears contain meat/gelatin (yes, kids are evil - im sorry!) and he was confused but didnt bother much. ok he were a kid, that may be another story, but for me being vegetarian means being straight aswell. if you stand up for something, then you should really support it and dont tell yourself excuses. I didn't start like that as I first didn't want my parents to know (I thought they would freak out!) but I think we should be consequently, especially as most things like gelatin are replacable and just seem to be "the best" as they are used in western life for a long time.

Maaan I'm always writing so much non-sense :D

Very well exposed.

Where do you get the gelatin free jello

Fish, for me, was harder than meat, which wasn't all that difficult.

Dairy, however, is very hard.  I persevere and forgive myself the occasional lapse.

Fish is a kind of meat..

There is no difference between Fish flesh and Chicken flesh. They are  all animals, and you shouldn't be calling your self vegetarian, because fish and chicken do not grow on trees.

I ate Geletine when I was vegetarian simply because I didn't know. Once I found out BOOM gone.


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