Now here is something I noticed from some vegetarians.  They will eat foods, like jelly beans, or fruit snacks, or desserts that have gelatin in it.  Now I want to know what you all do, what you all think about being vegetarian and eating gelatin? 

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True, plus at restaurants I have had some snob servers say things like, "if you dont want meat just dont get it then."  I know a little different from gelatin topic but even if you ask, they get annoyed.  Thats unfortunate as well. 

yeah, very true. I don't even talk about things like gelatin to them.

You are their customer, there's no way I'd give my business to a place that gives me a hard time for asking questions and making requests. They must not need their job.

I think beyond that the pb is the habit we've gotten into since the mid nineteenth century and the beginning of processed food available to the majority of us, erstaz food developped for war purpose then made available to civilians, etc... so called benefits of modernity, science etc.


I stay away from it. I read labels and do my best to not use gelatin based products in human consumption.

I don't class gelatin as vegetarian. It's meat and bone. Other than the fact that it's disgusting, it still is technically eating a dead animal. There's plenty of nice gummy sweets without it in :)

^ That is true. I've been seeing lots of recipes for vegan gummies, they look nommy.

depends on what you mean by the term "vegetarians" there are many labels..some eat fish..some eat and drink dairy this case some do not even know what is in gelatin and never think to research it. as a vegan , i have to research EVERYTHING unknown before eating it. 

Good point, Latia. 

However, Veganism for health reasons is very popular since a plant-based diet has been linked to significant health improvements, including lowering cholesterol, reducing heart disease, less inflammation, and overall increased health. People may not be concerned about life/death of animals 

Will hon, your message didn't show haha

Lots of good points.  Glad to hear them all. :)


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