Now here is something I noticed from some vegetarians.  They will eat foods, like jelly beans, or fruit snacks, or desserts that have gelatin in it.  Now I want to know what you all do, what you all think about being vegetarian and eating gelatin? 

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Gelatin is found in canned soups too. Soups that contain meat have naturally occurring gelatin because the meat in the soup is usually the undesired portions (last picks) containing both skin and bone or bone marrow. But I was surprised to learn even veg soups may contain gelatin as part of the canning process. Just another reason to enjoy making yummy homemade soup at home :)

no gelatin or gelatin based products. 

I didn't always realize what gelatin was but now it is out of my diet. I have accidentally eaten it once or twice, but once I realize it, I stop eating/buying it. The thing is, gelatin is not vegetarian. I personally love gummy bears/fruit snacks but there are fruit snacks without gelatin (like Amy's fruit snacks). Many things have substitutes-I got Dandies marshmallows last year and they were amazing (they melted over the campfire and everything). It takes more research but in the end I find it worth it. 

Good question.

Just the other day I saw a vegetarian eating jello and I thought maybe she doesn't know, but turns out she just didn't care. In my opinion, I don't see how you can eat gelatin and be ok with it if you're veg. Reason being that making gelatin means an animal is murdered. If you aren't ok with killing an animal to eat it, then why would this be ok? Most vegetarians don't eat meat for ethical/moral reasons, not just health or environmental, so gelatin falls under the same category. And vegans, obviously, wouldn't eat gelatin because it is an animal product. I know some people argue gelatin is good for you (joints, etc), so maybe that could be an excuse (although jelly beans and most conventional uses are for unhealthy products), but in my experience most gelatin-consuming vegetarians are just not being self-disciplined...


I ate gelatin when I first became vegetarian. But as soon as I found out what it was, I stopped eating it right away.

It was tough at first finding alternatives, but thanks to one of my college friends, my now-favorite store/cafe came about in my life (100% vegan and eco-friendly products). And now I pretty much have no idea how I'd get by without it. AND to top it off, that store happens to be the ONE and ONLY place in the whole city to sell vegan marshmallows - they also sell a fair number of other things that I have no clue where else you'd be able to buy them.

I try to avoid gelatin and the like when I go out to eat. But the new ingredient that has really come to annoy me is....beaver butt juice in vanilla-flavored foods. Which I guess isn't a problem if I go to my favorite store (because beaver butt juice isn't vegan, right?)....

Beaver butt juice? Does the ingredient label list this as such?!

I'm vegetarian and don't eat foods that contain gelatin.  Don't assume!

OK, I'm lost. Whats in gelatin? This is a new one for me.

Its made from horse hooves or other animal by-products. 

WTF?! You sure about that? I mean, why is it clear? How does it.get its stiffness? OMG! Im gonna have to google
....faint again.......

I've heard that not all the commercial gelatin is made of animal products. Is that really true?


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