Now here is something I noticed from some vegetarians.  They will eat foods, like jelly beans, or fruit snacks, or desserts that have gelatin in it.  Now I want to know what you all do, what you all think about being vegetarian and eating gelatin? 

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I don't eat gelatin. It's so gross!! U even got to look at the vit. U buy. Bc it's in a lot of them. I take natures way alive. I read everything b4 I buy it. I wish there wS an app that u scam item and it tells u in English lol what is really in it.

Cannot call yourself a vegetarian if you eat any part of an animal. 

I am a vegan but as a vegetarian I did not touch gelatin because it is made from animal bones which is the same to me as any other part of the animal that has died. I was still eating eggs and dairy at the time because I was very naive about the dairy and egg industries. As a vegan I am very careful about  what items have animal products in them.

No, industrially processed gelatin is one of the top no-no food even for meat-eater (in my mind.) If the "vegetarians" who eat them knew how it was extracted from animal bones and skin, I'm sure they will stop eating it. Usually, the manufacture use diluted acid to dissolve the bones and skin leaving behind this gooey blob that they then need to "purify" so that the colour will be transparent and more appealing. They then need to add so much aroma and flavouring to just cover up the carcass-acidic smell. The worse part is that it's lurking in a lot of processed food, so consumers need to read the ingredient labels and ask smart questions.

As vegetarians, they would be far better off just eating food that contains plant-based gelatin, like agar-gelatin. Better health, better for the animals, and the environment.

I don't touch it. I've let everyone know at my place of employment, they didn't even know that gelatin was made from animals.

I personally have cut out gelatine. If it's a part of an animal, and it died to create it, then I won't eat it.

I'm vegetarian, not vegan, so I still eat a small amount of dairy. But yes I don't eat gelatine. 
I do buy geletine free jelly and the occasional sweets though, because they definitely exist.


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