I've been a vegetarian all my life, never touched a single bit of white or red meat.

I'm 60kgs and 5'11 i would like to gain muscle if not be bigger as well.

I need a great diet that will do this for me easily, i need food that bulks in protein, carbs, etc.

If anyone can give me a diet plan to follow, I'll happily follow it. :)

P.s - I drink 'Bonsoy' it's a soy milk, i don't drink daily milk. But i'll eat cheese of whatever sort.

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Sorry to ask a question, but do you have a sense of what your diet and exercise routine are right now?  That might help me answer this better, but in general, i'd start off by having around 6 meals a day and aim for about 20 g's of protein in each.  I use powdered soy protein and powdered rice protein some times.  Peanut butter, and any nuts or seeds offer good protein sources.  Wheat, oats (like in oat meal), and rice all have protein too (So a peanut butter sandwich with wheat bread would be great).  Beans and lentils are good sources of protein (I put beans in my salads every day and sometimes i'll have lentil soup).  And of course, a quality exercise program is important too.  Just try to have a meal about 1.5 hrs before your workout and immediately after to provide enough protein to you muscles to help them grow.

For breakfast, i'll have 2 Poached Eggs on Toast.
For Lunch, i'll have a Vegetarian Burger.
For Dinner, i'll have Pasta with Napoli Sauce.

Some days i'll have Rice with veges & Satay Sauce for Lunch/Dinner.

Anything in between you recommend?

In between can be something like some nuts, peanut butter/humus on bread, you could have a small bowl of rice and tofu, or you could slice up an apple and dip that in peanut butter. Mainly just something to feed your body throughout the day (i know some vegan body builders who have around 8 meals a day). Maybe have a small salad with some beans in it and some almonds sprinkled over the top. Try to have something like this in between your three meals and maybe even again after dinner. The general goal is to get something to eat every 2-3 hours. Also, there are some vegan/vegetarian bars that you can make. I've never tried, but i've wanted to for a little while now...

Here's an example: http://ohsheglows.com/2013/08/29/quick-n-easy-no-bake-protein-bars/

You can google "recipe for vegan protein bar" or something like that.. These may be worth a try and some of them look pretty good.

Again, from my experience, I'd also want to reemphasize that it is important to try and have a protein source immediately after you workout.

As a general note, when I stated lifting very seriously, probably 7 or so years ago, i was told that there are three things that you need in order to get bigger and stronger. 1) A quality diet, 2) a quality weight lifting routine, and 3) quality rest. THe diet feeds the muscles and body - giving it the energy and nutrients it needs to work, the routine is what stimulates the body to grow and strengthen, and resting is when the body actually grows and strengthens - so make sure the diet is good, you workout your muscles hard, and then give them a few days rest...

Thank you so much! I'll try my very best to use what you have told me.

What are your thoughts on like "vegetarian Chicken, etc"..?

as far as all the vegetarian "meats" go, i think you'll be able to get a good amount of protein from them..  all the ones i've seen actually have soy protein in them... i tend not to have them too much though.. i usually have fruit/veggie smoothies with some soy/rice protein powder along with some nuts and oats blended in... but if you wanted that variety from time to time that'd be fine...  They do tend to have a lot of salt, so that may be something to watch out for (though it seems there's debate about how bad salt really is).

Okay thanks. :)


Hello Ben,

to not slow down your progress in muscle gain you should consume about 1-2g Protein for each kg of weight.

Also you have to make sure you get essential amino acids. There is a measure for protein quality named "PDCAAS"

Just make sure you consume enough of the "~1" rated proteins. (click)

The whole protein <-> carb discussion is pretty hyped at the moment within the bodybuilder scene but fact is:

in the past bodybuilders grew muscles from high carb, now they do it with low carb ;-)

My advice is: don't change your diet at all, eat what you want (maybe limit the things that contain sugar :D).

Get enough of the high quality protein. (protein bread out of soy/lupin should be enough or try vegetables)



Hi ben.  From your stats you are very lean right now.  I love to hear when vege's want to build muscle.  There is absolutely no need for meat  to build! I do vegan bodybuilding with an extremely disciplined diet.  View my photo to see it.  It goes something like:

Weight:165 lbs. Height:5"9

Morning:oats/jam + Bread/peanut butter (natural butter)  750 calories | 25g protein

Lunch:Brown rice/beans/potatoes  1000 calories| 40g protein

Dinner:  Rice/beans. Brocolli/califlower/carrots, Potato/Pasta/bread option. 1400-1750 calories| 55-65g protein

With my very natural diet I have no need for supplementing my micro nutrients.  I do add some other small foods in from time to time.

I would highly recommend you start slowly over a few months of getting your body and metabolism primed before you start feeding that amount of energy to it.  You're intestines also have an adjustment period develop the capacity to digest that much fiber.  So take it slow for 2-3 months before you really rev it up.  Listen to your body, it will tell you when its ready!  

Pm me if u have questions dude! gl pumping iron =)

oh ya.. the 3500 calories are just on my building days = 3 days/week.  I have 3 recovery days of 2200 to 2700 calories. and an occasional fast day every 2  weeks with -1000 calories.

Thanks mate!

Hey, also you can check out: 


(if you haven't already) which has a forum with a "Health & Nutrition Programs" section which may have more on this topic then a website like this...

Rice and beans, every single day son. Chia, hemp, peanut butter, fuckin' broccoli, potatoes. Just fucking EAT dude. Eat and lift hard and heavy. Lift until you're DONE not til you're tired, then eat some fucking more. Get some vegan protein powder for some post workout power shakes.

Like I said, my staple is rice and beans, that's essential for me. Quinoa is also a pretty big part of my diet, it's so versitile you can do anything with it. I usually stick some chia in it for good measure. Eat tons of avocados dude, they're you're new best friend.

I'm maxing up on my goal, hit my old one, right now I'm 76 kilos at 5'6". Gained 6 kilos in 3 weeks eating like a madman and lifting hard.

I'm about to go make some hummus (also a good choice) so I gotta answer this quick, but if you wanna PM me feel free =]

Good luck bro.


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