I was just wondering what sort of things some of us out there are into to get yourself moving and out there. I figured having taken a step for healthy eating, most of us must have changed our lifestyles as well in a more physical aspect... from being lazy to begin exercising, attending classes, yoga, trying out sports, going on more walks... new hobbies you've gained for an active lifestyle since the diet change.

For me taking a step towards my health in veganism, it enabled me to go back and continue to go to the gym regularly. I don't think I would be as dedicated as I am now about being active if I hadn't become passionate for my health through my diet change not too long ago. I go 5 days a week 1-2hours at a time, use the campus pool and do laps, with a combined interest in doing yoga regularly with it. I absolutely love the gym! Using the pool, and strengthening and stretching yoga poses :)

Just wanted to share the love for exercising I have now and the great feelings I keep receiving from it :) Any recommendations you love? Say what ever!

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I agree! Having a healthy diet definitly makes you more motivated to have a healthy lifestyle all around...

Before becoming veg., I used to be obsessed with the gym and running. To be honest, I didn't really enjoy it. I am naturally thin, but I definitly had to worry about my weight more when I was eating an omnivore diet. And I felt the pressure to push my body harder and always felt guilty when I missed a gym day. It was actually stresful for me and bad for my body.  

Since becoming veg., I've really gravitated towards low impact exercise. Hot yoga, barre, dance, swimming, walking. I feel like I get everything I need while being gentle on my body and joints. And these are all things I enjoy a lot more than running on the treadmill. Plus my weight never changes on a vegan diet--so I don't have that pressure of needing to burn lots of calories. I do things now because I enjoy them. And I actually feel more sore after a good yoga or barre class than I did with high energy/high impact exercise. I feel great (mentally and physically) and my body has never looked better.

That's great to hear :) Yeah, I was actually the same way. For a certain time before changing I pushed myself to go to the gym not exactly enjoying it and I wonder if it was the animal products bringing me down... because I get more out of a workout and I feel like I'm getting results faster than I ever have especially! I'm already seeing tone tremendously. Especially now I have SO fun working out, it's become something I absolutely LOVE..and doing things to push my body! especially new poses in yoga. I have a p90x yoga edition my bf and I sometimes do :D

My bf always told me you get faster results being vegan... I think I might be starting to really agree by seeing my progress. 

What is barre by the way? Swimming is really fun... lol everything seems to be now! 

That's great! If things weren't so far where I live I'd be walking or biking too :D I'm sure you'll see your wanted results if you keep it up :) my goals were for toning and slight slight hint of abs since I'm a chick haha. Already seeing progress faster than I would have with a different lifestyle diet. :p Good luck to you! and be safe biking around!!
One question, no offense intended, are you a  brony? 

lol awesome!

Wow, you're doing excellent! And you make a valid point, exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body. Diet is important, but so is staying in shape. I used to do the gym for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, but I've gotten kind of lazy since then. I have, alternatively, starting walking about a couple miles a day and rock climbing- the latter is very demanding, but I'm thinking I need to step it up for the times in between, lmao.

I love that feeling at the gym- when you overcome that lazy feeling ("Ugh, I just wanna sit down!") and pass your wall and suddenly you start working out twice as hard and it feels great.

Epecially when you start feeling those great work out highs and your just so blissfully happy and hyper lol! Rock climbing is pretty exhausting, takes a good amount of strength!

I do a mix of HIIT, cardio, pilates and mild strength exercises every day for a couple of hours but rest one day every week and more if I'm too busy or during holidays. I'm a vegetarian flirting with veganism (I do fall for some cheese every once in a while...), that and eating clean has helped me get results I'd never been able to achieve in my life and yes, no matter where you start from (exercise or healthy eating) one just doesn't go without the other so it feels so effortless! I do struggle with bread and sugar but I'm 32, 1.68 cms tall and weigh 55 kilos so I couldn't be happier


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