so I have been vegan for 3 months. I have anemia and used to take iron pills but they give me constipation so i have been taking laxatives. the only problem is that i overdosed three days in a roll with them. and now my left side is numb. now i called the store to find out if it was a possible side effect and the lady over the phone said no. ( i called the pharmacy department  )  and she said that according to the pills i described to her, its not a side effect and to call my doctor to find out what it could be. i dont have insurance and its sunday so no luck there. i looked online and googled anemia and it turns out its a B12 deficiency and can happen of course when you take laxatives, you tend to get rid of important vitamins within you.  which i most likely shit out with all the pills i took 3 days ago.. anyway i looked up treatment..and for those with a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. all your b12 needs are in meats. what do I do?  is there anything i can take to get better? this increased numbness has been going on for 3 days


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I agree. I am glad it is not worse. according to my dianosis  i have peripheral neuropathy which i am sure can be fixed or at least not made worse by taking some B12 pills or getting a shot which i dont have insurance for right now. 

You should not be taking laxatives! They are very dangerous. There's a tea called Smooth Move I used to use for cleanses, and there are some other natural laxatives (coffee heh heh) that you can use. Truth is, vegans have been found to consume more than enough b12, but we pee a lot of it out- which is strange. Certainly your b12 needs are NOT in meat. Neither animals nor plants can synthesize b12, it's a bacteria which synthesizes it and you can find this in nature outside of meat. There are vegan milks and cereals which are fortified with b12, and I would also recommend a b12 supplement, as that's actually the most effective way for your body to absorb the vitamin.

thank you very much lauren. I will NOT give up my vegan lifestyle. i am sure there are others with a b12 issue or anemia like myself . my bf wants me to eat meat ,saying its for my health but I can't bring myself to do it. health or not. I am sure there are other ways. 

No problem :) Anything pour vous, ma amie. Nothing in meat you need for your health :)!! I want you to be well and happy <3

"anything for you ,my friend"  i have not taken french in FORever :D  I used to do that too. and yes I agree fully. my bf is like don't you care about your health..and i broke down and cried and said yeah but I WILL NOT eat flesh to make myself healthy. he doesn't get it. but hopefully i can start taking some pills and get better soon. b12 is made as bacteria in animals stomachs..(according to research) and is only found in meats but I found that they are in soy milk and cereal as well and also vegetarian meals but i'm not vegetarian so i can't eat those. also i found a mineral drink called mother natures miracle, has EVERYTHING in it . until i can get some insurance , I hope this can help some or at least over time..stop the numbness. 

Haha :3 I only use my limited French for special people! It is good he is so concerned about you! Though it is manifesting in this way :(! B12 as a bacteria isn't made by humans. No animal nor plant can synthesize it, though we can consume this bacteria and it has been found inside of digestive tracts. Mmm that sounds good :) A b12 supplement isn't a bad idea, your body absorbs b12 the best that way!

he is very concerned and supportive of my eating choices but he thinks i should stop when it comes to my health. i showed him this thread , that there ARE other ways to get b12, which i am very relived that i do not have to eat meat to get it. he is still on the fence but he will get the picture soon. 

I think that's absolutely lovely he shows you so much support <3 That is a rare thing sometimes :) He will definitely come around, once he sees all of the benefits coming out in you.

let's hope the benefits come around soon! it'll be awesome to show a meat eater that any problem can be fixed WITHOUT eating meat or taking dairy. 

There is a Vanilla Chai soy protein drink made by Bolthouse Farms, drink it. It has something like 110% of your daily requirement of b12 in one serving. b12 is in tofu and many other vegan foods. It can also be maintained in the form of vitamin supplement. Good luck, you can still be vegan and get back on track :)

I think  beetroots and ladies finger (okra) are good sources of iron.

May be beans and fibres too, but I'm not sure. (I was just told these things when I was young, but I'm glad that there are articles online which say the same)

Hope you get well soon

thank you all for this helpful information. I hope to get better soon. still quite numb but i am going to find a way to get insurance and get some help or at least over the counter pills. 


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