Hey all! I have been a vegetarian for 14 months, and am beginning to feel enlightened about the mutualistic relationship between the dairy and veal industries. However, I cannot give up dairy completely- as in, I am currently in recovery from an eating disorder and dairy is compulsory. Also, as an athlete, fat free organic Greek yoghurt (no, I am not fat-phobic, I eat other fats such as avocado, nuts, soy milk, tahini, olive oil etc) is a huge part of my diet. I need some tips on a) how to phase out dairy (giving up cheese is also a problem, my mum slathers it on everything to make me gain weight) and 2) unprocessed, whole food alternatives to Greek yoghurt (note- where I live we don't have anything fancy like almond yoghurt or soy yoghurt, and coconut yoghurt is too high in fat and WAY too expensive)
Additionally, what are your thoughts on eating eggs from my aunt's chickens- there are no roosters, so the eggs are unfertilised, plus she lives on acreage so they have plenty of space to roam and be free. 
Any tips would be nice- Vegans, please, no hate. 

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Hi!  So before I say anything, I want to say this.  If giving up dairy is going to negatively impact your recovery, it's not worth it.  You are important and awesome, and while some people may disagree on here, I think your health should come first.  

Having said that, I've found a couple suggestions for phasing out dairy.  I make my own tofu yogurt.  I know, it sounds disgusting, but I swear it's pretty good.  This is the recipe I use: happy herbivor but a quick google search will give you tons of others if that doesn't work for you.  Silken tofu, if you don't already know, is just really soft tofu.  I put it in smoothies instead of milk/ice cream and it comes out great.  I also use it as a substitute in soups or sauces that ask for yogurt, milk, or cream.  You could even use it as a substitute for cream cheese in recipes I would think, although I'd ask a baker about that for baked goods.  

I love almond milk and soy milk so those usually cover that base for me.  They also make great vegan cheese alternatives for Parmesan and cheddar singles cheese.  In terms of the eggs, if all you're trying to do is phase out dairy, this might be a good way to keep getting your dairy and not feel guilty about it :)   


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