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Glad to finally give you a welcome :) I hope you will become more of a regular fixture! Congrats on your decision to become vegetarian, and now for transitioning into veganism (and also congrats on your son, haha). There is an interesting discussion on the boards about honey. Perhaps you can be recommended a good honey substitute to aid you? I've never been a fan of honey, so I haven't had to replace it. I'm sure there is something yummy for you, that you will like :)!

Good luck, also on sharing this lifestyle with your son xo

Usually more people are pretty good at  welcoming new people, I swears! Lol :) Probably just the holiday weekend. I'm glad you have found some options you are excited to try :)! No problem, and thank you! Be seeing you around ;)


Pizza is a hard one.  Here in Portland there are a bunch of vegan options, but when i go back to NYC (where, of course there are also a ton of vegan options) I usually give in to the desire to have a slice (or five) from my childhood favorite pizza place. Anyway, every little bit of compassion is a step in the right direction and for me that means compassion toward myself and my weaknesses.




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