My family are all meat-eaters- and we were supposed to spend today together, but they don't even want to go out to dinner with me anymore because I'm Vegan- which is stupid because I've ALWAYS found something at a restaurant I could eat, and I've never complained- always been laid back and said, "wherever you wanna go"- but it's like they're on a mission to prove that I'm to be excluded because of my "crazy diet" (to put it in my father's words). I'm just astounded, that a 50 year old man can act like such a child.

Anyways, just upset that they force this to estrange us... anyone else have a similar experience?

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He does sometimes cook; he Bbq's a lot, sometimes makes breakfasty things, but usually that was my mom's department. I think because they live apart now, he cooks a lot more. I agree, very strange in that it's not like it's his cooking that I'm turning away from- It's not like it's his problem, what I choose to put (or not put) in my body. Oh well. Thank you Stephen :)

I personally believe that Vegetarianism is more evolved than meat-eating. Early man too started his food habits on animal-based diet and later learnt growing crops. When human calls himself civilised and highly evolved, why should it be just confined to improved ways of living and technological advancements but not healthy eating habits? Why don't he think with his so called advanced or highly evolved brain and see and realise the truth behind their food and its preparation? It stymies me everytime when a meat-eater says "I eat animals because I am eating plants too and there is really no difference".. Don't know what to call it - Ignorance or Innocence!

Haha! Very true :) We are all up in arms about things like smoking and drug use, when poor diet is the number one killer.

That makes perfect sense :) I think you hit the nail right on the head.

this is really sad.  I can relate because my family excludes me for my religious choices.  it started with diet for being vegetarian.  hard for me sot say if they exclude me for this thing or that thing.

xoxox I'm sorry to hear that. *huggles*

It takes time and should be patient and sometimes you need to have perseverance.

BTW, you change of attitude of interacting with your family can help you a lot and you can even cook sth delicious for them.

I've tried cooking for them, but they say that it looks disgusting, then joke that they need meat. They wouldn't even try a bite of anything I made, except for vegan cookies- and even then, they were very reluctant to even say they tasted good. Their views on vegetarianism/veganism are very toxic- I think I could be patient for forever, they'll never be very accepting.

I have never told my family that important vegetarian. One day i just suggested eating beans except of meat. Of course, my family didn't agree, but i could eat whatever i want. At fact, the only problem i have with them, is that they don't want to cook anything to me. I have got lots of learning, but i think they think i get bored about other.

im very lucky as my mother is quite open to this type of things, one day i simply told her i was gonna give up meat/fish and that i was going to become a vegetarian, and she was supportive from the start. she pretty much stopped having meat (might have it 3/4 times a year, which is an improvement. she still eats sea food tho, but then again not very often) . so it was never an issue. my biggest problem is going out for a meal has the vast majority of restaurants where i live dont have a vegetarian menu, except for soups and salads (more variety would be appreciated) My boyfriend does like to take the piss, but i simply ignore it and take it as the joke it is. My mind is at peace at the of the day, and im proud of my choices, something i wouldnt change for anyone.

Wow that's great to hear :) I'm glad your mother has been so wonderful.

I find eating out very difficult, often there is nothing on the menu other than a plain boring salad. Such a shame restaurants don't have at least one option on the menu it is not like I ever expect a suitable desert!! Such a shame to dread eating out isn't it. My close friends always consider me when choosing a venue & are generally happy to eat at a veggie place if you can find one that is!!


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