My family are all meat-eaters- and we were supposed to spend today together, but they don't even want to go out to dinner with me anymore because I'm Vegan- which is stupid because I've ALWAYS found something at a restaurant I could eat, and I've never complained- always been laid back and said, "wherever you wanna go"- but it's like they're on a mission to prove that I'm to be excluded because of my "crazy diet" (to put it in my father's words). I'm just astounded, that a 50 year old man can act like such a child.

Anyways, just upset that they force this to estrange us... anyone else have a similar experience?

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My family is pretty good. This christmas my mom forgot about me being vegan and she didn't get anything ready for me (i was working) so i had to make something. so i ate something different than everyone... looked like a jerk haha

Plus, i was meeting my bf's family for the first time and he didn't tell them i was vegan, so all I ate was green beans. Everything they had was not vegan friendly :(

That would be difficult during a holiday- super awkward moment when they forget, lol. My family will still suggest for us all to go out to pizza, and I always feel awful saying, "Yeah, can't have pizza, remember?" Lmao. What do you usually do for holiday meals? I was wondering what the heck to do for Thanksgiving, being newly vegan. I've heard of tofu turkey, have no idea where to get it or how to prepare such a thing for myself.

Oooh, ty I will def look into that!

I know excatly what u mean :c . something like this happened just yesterday to me.

I posted it on the "vegetarian page" and there is a lot of great comments there! read more the comments :

Hang in there! I always scare people off when they ask me "where do you get your protein?" I tell them "Well...from people actually :D"

I am sorry your family treats you so unfairly. Everyone in my family, and even almost everyone in my husband's family goes out of their way to make sure I get food I enjoy and can eat. Just last week my husband's mom and her new husband were going to go to a vegan restaurant even though I was the only one in the group. I didn't realize how lucky I am. Last x-mas my parents insisted on a vegan dinner even though I offered to make a roast for everyone else. I guess I hit the family jackpot in this respect.

Well, not yet. Hopefully never. But one can never tell. My mother actually surprised me. She was eating vegetarian style for awhile for health reasons. She has gone astray, having a hard time getting back. I have been a vegetarian, recently turned vegan (going on three weeks) after seeing Earthlings. She wrote to me in an email and asked if the rest of my family still eats "real food."  Really Mom??  I told her I still eat real food, just not meat. But that hurt, I can't deny it.

yes ! i do ! SOMETIMES() ! in fact you personally dont enjoy eating with meat eaters , while they are eating meets .. aren't u . this is the fact ....... better avoid that ........ and live for your self ........ i do the same ..with my friends ... if they are ready to go or going to a veg res truant i go with their.. otherewise .. i give some reasons and don't go .....    

Hi Lauren, I dabbled with being a vege for a few years in my 20's. I always knew it was right for me but never did enough research. I was surrounded by a lot of negativity and eventually I fell back in with the pack. I have always regretted this and finally made the decision to do what is right and have been strict now for a number of years. I still find myself reluctant to share this with people because they think I'm a freak. I have even lied about it, always ordering vegetarian meals but hoping it goes unnoticed. I'm now in my 40's and my lack of confidence when someone confronts me about my food choices is pitiful. I'm never going to be swayed to going back to eating animals, I can't bare the thought of it, but I definitely know what you're going through being ostracized. Stick to your principles as you know what's right.

I've never been excluded from anything from the family.

But when I go there for a family meal they cook nothing but Meat.  BBQ chickens, Sausages, Rissoles, and they call it a family meal.

When I was younger that was what our BBQ's usually were,  but we often had some salads.  Now they dont do it.   And then sort of laugh and snicker.   haha she has to eat meat now...

Seriously weird people I'm related to.

Hahah, big time! Not only family, but so called Friends :)) but no matter. I have been doing a 100 day juice feasting, and today I am on day 87.. I am doing this for myself, but had an impact on my social life. Except few good folks around me, people (including some family) stopped socializing due to my juicing habits. This only affected me at the beginning, but I am over it.


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