My family are all meat-eaters- and we were supposed to spend today together, but they don't even want to go out to dinner with me anymore because I'm Vegan- which is stupid because I've ALWAYS found something at a restaurant I could eat, and I've never complained- always been laid back and said, "wherever you wanna go"- but it's like they're on a mission to prove that I'm to be excluded because of my "crazy diet" (to put it in my father's words). I'm just astounded, that a 50 year old man can act like such a child.

Anyways, just upset that they force this to estrange us... anyone else have a similar experience?

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The first time I told my mom I wanted to be a vegetarian I was 12..she told me to wait 'till I turned 18

The second time, I was 20..she told me to wait 'till I was living on my own..

I'm 26 now, and I've just started my transition in January..(I'm living with my grandma now..)

The first of my family, but they are ok with that..

My friends ask once in a while "if you don't eat meat, what do you eat..??" XD

Invite them over to your place for dinner and cook a delicious vegan meal with lots of good food. Then they'll understand your diet isn't as crazy as they think ;)

My family gives me crap every day for being vegetarian. It's completely ridiculous and stupid, but they do it because they don't have anything better to do. So yes, I understand your situation. The best thing you can do is just let it go and not worry about it because if they care enough to to exclude you, you're already better than they are. Hope it works out for you. Good luck!

My family does it all the time at dinner.

Thank God, my family never did exclude me because of me being a vegetarian (and now 90% vegan). Mum usually cooks vegetarian soup and 3 veggie dishes plus a meat dish for dinner, so all I need to do, is to avoid the meat dish, which is really easy. Dad often mocked me for being a "disgusting, troublesome and sick" vegetarian though.


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