Have you ever accidentally ate meat? What are your thoughts and feelings on this?

I recently ate meat by accident. I was starving so I didn't check my food like I normally would. I felt so awful and guilty afterwards, physically and mentally.. I just kept beating myself up over it.

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Hey Sam

I have done it myself as well, but you shouldn't feel guilty if you done it accidentally because it wasn't in your intentions.

Last year one of my colleagues brought in rice crispy square's. She assured me they were vegetarian. I then heard later in the day from another colleague that they were not... And that it was just a nasty ploy to get me to eat meat.

Unlucky for her I'm her manager.

And I was pissed off.

meat in rice crispy squares?

That's messed up. I'm glad people at least don't try to do that to me. I'd be pissed off too.

Yet we're the ones pushing our beliefs on people... I hear about this happening FAR too often... sickening!


what did you do then eventually... did she get an earful at least

I've never heard of meat in rice crispy treats??  Maybe you thought they were vegan, as in no dairy/butter etc??

Rice crispy treats contain gelatin which comes from boiling animals bones, so they are not vegan. 

Gelatin in the marshmallows 

My friends have joked about doing this to me in the past, thankfully it was only jokes, I would be very annoyed if something like this were to happen, very shitty thing to do.

Marshmallows are made with fish bone...never veg@n :(


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