Have you ever accidentally ate meat? What are your thoughts and feelings on this?

I recently ate meat by accident. I was starving so I didn't check my food like I normally would. I felt so awful and guilty afterwards, physically and mentally.. I just kept beating myself up over it.

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happened  to me at fundraiser complained got upset  deninly check 2 make sure  there suitable for vegetarians  before eat anything i not cooked

I hate when I go to someones for dinner and they know I am a vegetarian and after I eat they tell me they used chicken stock, and it's okay "It's not real meat!"...has happened many times. I don't eat with them any more. Does it make them feel better that they pulled one over on me?

Don't bother their ignorance.

Yes, I face the same situation with you at many occasions. In fact some of my course mates even told me to eat the leftover lettuce garnishing their meat dishes. Do you know what they friggin told me? "Vegetarians MUST eat leftovers!!!"

I used to totally FREAK out!! The stories I could tell!  I'm much more relaxed about it now. I am a committed Vegan, which is difficult (at first) in this society. But the truth is accidentally consuming meat won't send you to vegan hell. It is the intention that matters most. My intention is to minimize (hopefully at 0) my "animal" footprint on the world. Should I accidentally use a product that is tested on animals I remember that it was and accident. Then, when I know that it is, I don't ever buy it iagain.

just happen to me, I was chatting animatedly eating my gazpacho without notice grabbed a piece of toast with a jamóm, my girlfriend said what are you doing? not spit, I swallowed and amused me, was just an accident

Taco Bell accidently put a small amount of beef into my fresco bean burrito on time too, I was so pissed, but I eventually got over it. Also I had fries from McDonald's one time(never again) because I though their fries were vegan, I later found out they contain small ammounts of beef broth, so just be careful when eating out. I also beat myself up about those incidents, but if your a true vegan you can get over those incidents because you know you are 99.99999% of the time getting a health animal free Vegan diet. I love Veganism, but those incidents suck; they happen to the best of us though. 

Hey Sam, I did this before before my parents accept the fact that i dont eat meat and i know how you feel, im still sad for the animals i killed in that

Yes, I often accidentally find anchovies in my tempeh dishes! Besides, I sometimes dish out mounds of veggies for lunch, only to find tiny morsels of fish or mutton. Ick! 

I vowed to really examine my foods so that my dishes are meatless. However, as long as we know our intentions to go veggie, we need not feel guilty because that was not our intentions. Just be careful next time!

My friend and I Travelled to San francisco earlier this year, and was our first ever time in the states.We went to this restaurant  and ordered a veggie patty, but when we got it,it looked and smelled like meat, but the guy(scumbag) assured us it was a soy patty.when we took a bite of it we knew then and there it was meat! We were so furious that we threw the tray at he's counter and walked out.I felt so guilty you would not believe.But anyway,Don't beat yourself up about it, you're hearts in the right place and it wasn't intentional.

That guy was really mean! Poor you. It's okay because you'll be rest assured that that restaurant prioritises profits above the consumers. Remember that CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS KINGS!

By the way, did you pay for it?

Yep,you're totally right. Yeah we had to pay upfront and then he cooked our meals,We couldn't be asked disputing the matter with him so we just got out of there.

Leave and NO RETURN! Hehehe... glad that you've get over it. By the way, if the eatery places importance on customer satisfaction, be rest assured that they'll serve quality food. Now you know what and where to eat out. :D

From my humble point of view, if the restaurant cannot serve veggie food, then it's most likely that the food is not fresh too, because veggies need to be prepped quickly but meat can be seasoned and kept for a long time. Plus, meat dishes need tons of seasoning anyway, unlike veggie dishes that are filled with natural flavour!


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