Have you ever accidentally ate meat? What are your thoughts and feelings on this?

I recently ate meat by accident. I was starving so I didn't check my food like I normally would. I felt so awful and guilty afterwards, physically and mentally.. I just kept beating myself up over it.

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I haven't eaten meat but I've definitely accidentally eaten gelatin. It's awkward. But you never promised to be perfect. It's ok to make mistakes. It's happens to people. It doesn't make you a bad vegetarian/vegan.

I did this just a few months ago..  Took a bite into something that had bacon in it.  I spit it out but the thought and taste in my mouth made my physically ill.  I cried too, the guilt got the best of me...

Recently at a friend's house I was served a bean casserole which was supposed to contain ground beef.  She said she would leave some without for me, which I appreciated.  While I was eating this delicious dish, I asked for the recipe.  She told me the various kinds of beans and then came to pork and beans.  Wait, what?

The point is that it was not maliciously done, and I don't fault her for it.

I had no adverse effects, and realize it was an honest error.

I would look at it like this - if you didn't buy the meal then you didn't fund the meat industry and therefore there is nothing to feel guilty about.  Even if you did accidentally buy it, then write it off as a mistake. Adding more of your own stress to this world is not going to help the animals.

I had started a job at Applebees as a server, I quit day one because they said I'd have to try everything on the menu, knowing I was vegetarian, and said oh well. Ugh.

I did the same a long time ago. I felt horrid after!

I do once in a while,its kinda gross, unintentionally eating meat is an accident only, your intentions are still good,if enough of us stay strong more will follow and the abuse against animals will end our nation will be healthy,diseases will be less prevalent,our nation will be much more happy, I think it would lead to less attacks on others and all around we will live in a better place.
I think that accidentally eating meat is totally fine. Obviously it's not the 'goal' and it's something that you should do your best to avoid, but in general if it happens it is not something you should beat yourself up for. In fact, most vegetarians and vegans have most likely consumed some kind of meat/animal product at some point over the years, especially if it's a long time diet they are practicing (regardless if it's completely without the person's knowledge or not). Either way, if it happens, it happens, and making yourself feel horrible about it is not the answer. Personally, rigidly sticking to this diet in the way that some people do (in the way that they would force themselves to throw up or would consider their progress moot should something like this happen) is not even the point of practicing this lifestyle - it is to make the conscious choice to do their best not to... And if you are doing that and do not stopping doing that, then you are being successful.
I went to a restaurant not too long ago and ordered a vegan potato taco... took a bite into it and immediately spit it out in front of everyone and almost threw up right that moment...it was loaded with bacon....bleh... I totally went off on the manager because there was no sympathy to what I had just went through or the poor animal that was in my food...I called corporate and to this day they have not apologized ...I no longer patronize that restaurant
It's about intention not perfection! Don't beat yourself up!
I just bought a falafel to eat, and when I took the first bite, I directly understood it was shawarma (with chicken) I spit out the bite, thankfully I didn't swallow it. But I vomited anyways. I went back to the restaurant and told them how angry I was. They gave me another falafel which I still can't eat cause of the nausea. I said to myself I should enter to Facebook to check some vegan pages and look to saved animals, to feel better. And I saw this!


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