Have you ever been treated like you're stupid because you're vegetarian/ vegan?

So heres the thing, it doesn't matter that I am a high school graduate, going to college to major in math and computer science, I have friends that treat me like I am absolutely ignorant and even retarded. They will tell me things like "humans were meant to eat meat or we wouldn't be able to digest it" or "milk doesn't hurt the cow so what you are doing is pointless and ignorant". I was even told by one of my friends who happens to be a high school drop out even had the nerve to tell me that "vegetarians are some of the stupidest people because they don't even realize that they are omnivores...uhh yanno eat meat." Exactly how it was put. So enough of the rant half. Do you guys ever feel like people treat you like complete retards because you have a different lifestyle? If so how do you handle this? I just walk away but I'm not sure if that's a silent agreement of yeah, I'm stupid. So help a fellow veggie out because this does bother me a great deal.

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That's seriously inspirational.

Pioneers are often misunderstood, so it´s expected that you will be be bashed for your ideas. Just keep talking about veganism. The first step is to make people get used to hear about it because they are conditioned to hear that they need to eat meat and dairy. Then after this, they may start to think diffently, even consider research about veganism. But not before they hear enough about it.

I'm a freshman in high school and all of my friends completely support my choice. I guess I'm just lucky.

I know exactly how you feel, it's been the same for me since I stopped eating meat. I tried to debate with those kind people many times, but they're even more closed minded that I'd ever thought. But the truth is that you don't have to justify your choices. And if it bothers them this much, then they obviously got a problem. To me it's a bit like being homophobic : following the mainstream and not trying to understand. 
Ignoring them is the best advice I can give you, 'cuz haters will never give you reason, and they're not worth it !
Sick sad world

Think that u r walking through a village &the stray dogs are barking @u. Can u reply to each dog. Ignore the bad commnets.Think about the animals. If they have the ability to speak what will they talk about u?


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