How do you handle those people that purposely go out of their way to be spiteful.  I was recently at a wedding and my "brother in law" whom I was sitting with, turns to me and says "I'm going to order a nice juicy steak".  Like this is somehow spiting me! I just wanted to slap him and say "you're not hurting me you idiot, you're just hurting an innocent animal".   

Also, at the wedding, I find it upsetting when people don't finish their "flesh".  This innocent animal lived a shortened tortured life and was brutally slaughtered only to be thrown out and wasted. Drives me nuts! I have only been vegetarian for 6 years (wish I awakened earlier) but I can't look at "meat" without seeing an innocent animal that wanted to live. 

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Whenever people used to say things like this to me, I used to start arguing and got myself upset... and I realised I was just making the situation worse for myself. At the end of the day your brother in law just wants a reaction, sometimes it better to give people what they don't expect for example... laughter. He probs wouldn't do it again because he see's it doesn't affect you. At the end of the day its best just to ignore stuff, you do what you need to do. 

With the wastage of meat... yeah I agree it annoys me too. I can't really say what you can do about that because you can't control how much people eat. I guess just secretly fume and know that you're doing the best you can for the animals.

That's just the way some people are, all-around jerks who can live with themselves. I like them better when they make themselves scarce. Indeed, that's exactly what I tell them.

And yes, not one more creature needs to be carved up to perpetuate a senseless feast. 


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