Hello everyone!

My name is Iliana I am form Playas de Tijuana, Mexico (border to San Diego, CA)

I have been a vegearian for 4 and a half years and I am trying to make the transition to vegan but finding it hard because of how expesive I'm founding it to be vegan and healthy at the same time, here where I live.. Not much options.. So I'm a vegetarian but try not to consume much dairy products.

I would like to meet more people that have our principles since it is nice to talk to someone who gets you and shows you :) I have lots of friend but only 2 of them care about this, one is vegan the other pescetarian.

My first language is Spanish but I understand English perfectly :)  although, maybe my spelling or grammar is not fluent 

Like to read, learn, dance, exercise.. evolve to be a better person. Like to party too! once in a while, wel have fun.. I am what people call bisexual (if you like to label ) but do like healthy, monogamous relationships.

I am easy bo be friends with and I am really interested in spirituality.. Love Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Thich Nath Han, etc...

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First of all, Welcome to this family, and my name is Stanley, I am also single, I wonder if we can be friends?

hello, friends? we could be = ) thtank's for the welcome to the group

Maybe get into a long distance relationship??


no not looking for a relationship like that.. Need to meet in person, be attracted to him preferbly HER and have things in common. Need to know the person, definetely! Nit at all interested like this.


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