Hi everyone I'm Kathryn, 26, living in UK and I've been was vegetarian for about 2 weeks and then vegan for 3 years strong!.

I live in a town who eat meat and just "looove their cheese" they didn't know what a vegan was till I came on the scene. I also live with a non-vegan. So any vegan socializing is pretty few and far between for me.

I found this site and everyone looks happy, chillers and animal supporters to! Hope to speak soon.


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Heya Kathryn!Welcome to the site! :)

Most of us here live with non-Vegans/Vegetarians in our families ,friendships and social interacts in our daily life.And, of course, this place is just that a place for us Vegans/Vegetarians to hang! So,come in and say ,hi! A lot of us hang in the chatroom, we invite you come in and jump right in with us.You'll fine a lot us open and friendly here. We sure love having anyone join in with us .:)


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