Hi, my name is Klaudia. Im from Slovakia and I am vegeterian for 3 months. Im looking for new friends and new recipes.

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Welcome! Way to go on making the change to a healthier lifestyle. The first couple months are hard because it can often feel like there is nothing to eat. I ended up making the exact same meal over and over again. No wonder you are in need of some great recipes.

When I first made the transition to being a vegetarian I found it really helpful to:
A. Look on Pinterest for ideas.
B. Make a list of my favorite meals and find a way to eliminate the meat.
C. When all else fails, french fries (bad advice but true advice)

Keep going and take the opportunity to try new things or new restaurants. I also learned to stop being shy about asking what I was actually eating when we would go out. Some times something seems like it is vegetarian, like most soup or pasta dishes, but they are normally made with some sort of animal stock. If you look around on this site you should be able to find a couple of yummuy recipes as weel. Good luck!

Hello, thank you very much for the advices. They are helpfull. I hope we can stay in touch

Hi Klaudia :) Welcome!

I am a fairly new vegetarian too (9 months now), so I know how you are feeling. 
Out of interest, did you become a vegetarian for health reasons, or ethical ones? (or both!)

There are SO many amazing recipes out there, I suggest using google and looking on pintrest like Rachel mentioned :) What kind of food do you like? (Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, etc) 
I have a small blog that I've been sharing my favourite vegetarian meals on as I've been discovering them, if you're interested? (http://veggiespicenice.blogspot.co.uk/) It has a mixture of meals from different parts of the world.

As Rachel said, I also do a lot of playing around with meals that used to be my favourite when I ate meat. I try to find ways to substitute the meat, or change the meal entirely to make it vegetarian. It's amazing how much you can do when you just start experimenting!

Than you very much. I have become vegeterian for both reasons, I will definetly check your block. Thank you for the advices.


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