Hello, first off just wanted to say I think this is a great website and I assume it will continue to grow! My name is Kayla and I'm from Wisconsin. I'm a Pescatarian (became one when I was about 13). However my wish would be to be Vegan (or as close as possible) and feel like its an inspiring way to live. Though not the easiest when you live in "Dairyland" USA. I really do not have many Veg friends in my area and it really sucks because it makes me feel quite alone. My best friend used to be a vegetarian as well as my two half sisters but they all went back to meat eating for different reasons. Most people however have been accepting of my dietary choices which I am thankful for. I believe I can improve myself a little bit everyday! I will try out this website and hope to make some new friends. Even though I can be shy, I will try as much as possible...!

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Hell Kayla, welcome to join us on VF. I am Xiao Kang from Indonesia. I do hope this site will continue to grow and become a  better place for vegetarians and vegans to talk and share, and of course to inspire more people to become vegetarian/vegan.

Just try to be connected with others, comments on the discussions, I believe you will find a lot of like-minded people here, and they will be great friends to talk and share about vegetarianism.


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