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My name is Jonathan, I'm 17 and pescetarian. I'm a protestant (a form of Christianity) and thereby I believe in doing good. The only way for me to satisfied, is to know that others around me feel well. Knowing that I helped, makes that feeling even greater. That's one of the reasons why I'm a student in youth and disabled care. What greater good is there than to help people who truly need it, like elders or troubled children or people with a disability... Or animals?

I'm not strong enough (yet) to become a complete vegetarian though. But I'm sure that once I'm older and I'm settled in life, I can figure out how to become a full veggy.

Jonathan de Paep.

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Welcome welcome. I also joined this site as a pescie :) It's good to see a new face! It's difficult when you're younger to be full vegetarian, because you aren't the person buying the groceries. But I certainly do believe you are strong enough :)! You have your own path to walk, I hope to see you around and I can't wait to see all of the wonderful things you are capable of doing! You have chosen a wonderful path in life, helping the disabled. xo

No problem :-3! Hope to talk to you around here!

hey jonathan. becoming vegeterian does not happen overnight. it is a process and it takes time. but you are on the right path.  instead of being a burden on society you should be benificial to society. add me as a friend if you want. later


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