Hey everyone! For starters, my name is Emily, I'm 24 and in the US Navy! I married the love of my life about 5 months ago, we've been together for 5 years now!! I'm not a vegetarian (yet) but I'm slowly easing into the lifestyle. My husband and I have two dogs, no kids (yet) and we live in California, I'm stationed here for the next three years.

I love watching movies, listening to music, scrapbooking, stuff like that! I'm always interested in learning new things! Looking forward to talking to lots of new people who will help me transition!

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Hello Emily, welcome to join us here on VF.

I believe you will be able to turn vegetarian. We all support you here!

Hello Navy Seamen Emily Coler(Of course ,I do not know you rank)it is great  to have some one from the U.S Navy here!Woo Hoo ! I have a very good  friend  that was on the U.S.S Truman and is now station in Norfolk,Virginia.Who is in the Navy. We hope you enjoy the use of the site and please do feel free to make yourself at home...:)

welcome to vegfriend!


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