Hello, I'm a vegetarian who eats dairy, eggs and fish, so I guess I'm a pescetarian? And a hypocrite?

I also eat dairy, so I guess I can't say I'm veggo for the animal rights as dairy cows are treated worse that than the others! At least the others die at the end of their misery or short lives, the dairy cows are kept pregnant, alive and suffering. So, along with my eating fish, I'd like to just say that I like to partake in 'damage control' rather than say I am vegetarian for the ethical reasons...as then it opens up the whole gammit of....do you wear leather? do any of your skincare products test on animals or use animal by-products? etc etc....so only if you follow a strict regime can you truly say you are doing it purely for ethical reasons. Anyone agree with me on this? Hi by the way!! :)

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Don't call yourself a hypocrite, Eve, I will say RELAX! I eat dairy but in tiny amounts (e.g. those found in bread; vegan bread is ridiculously expensive and difficult to find in Malaysia!). For now I have a pair of shoes made of sheepskin leather which I have been wearing for almost two years. I bought that pair of shoes long before I become vegetarian, so I will use it until it wears out, but I no longer buy products made of wool and leather. I never buy fur as it is expensive and cruel.

Being a pescatarian is better than being a meatitarian. At least you save the pigs, goats, etc. Being a vegetarian on any spectrum is not an all-or-nothing game. It is just how well you get along with it. For me, I jump straight from being an omnivore @meatitarian into vegetarian for ethical reasons after witnessing the slaughter of animals myself. I cannot imagine the suffering the animals have to go through with their families torn apart for food, apparel, etc. It was only after 2 months into becoming a vegetarian did I realize that eggs and milk production are just as cruel, if not worse, through the documentary "The Earthlings". Since then, I avoid them as much as possible and vowed to quit them as I begin working and on my own.

I don't know if my skincare products are tested on animals but I buy cheap shampoo and body shampoos because of money factor (AGAIN!) College students need to spend a lot on books and daily necessities with a fiscal budget, so we have little choice. To make matters worse, I don't have a refrigerator and have no time to make my own vegan skincare, and the vegan ones are darn beyond the budget of an average worker, let alone students. They may be 4x more expensive than conventional ones.

I think of making my own chemical-free skincare for myself when I begin working and living by myself though!

Don't fret over yourself. Instead, try to explore veggie options and healthy veggie food, e.g. sunflower seeds and walnuts in place of fish for omega-3, sesame seeds, kale, almonds and oranges for calcium etc. Phase the animal-derived foods gradually, take it easy. The less you eat them, the less you'll crave them as long as your nutritional needs are met. As for animal by-products, explore inexpensive vegan options, e.g. wallets made of PVC instead of leather (That is what I do since I am on a budget, LOL!)

It is best if we can be vegan all the way, from our plates to our lifestyles. However, it is almost impossible to be completely vegan in real life, e.g. leather on car seats, parchment paper, medicine casings made of gelatin, etc. Don't forget that we need to eradicate pests for safety, such as houseflies and mosquitoes. With that being said, I NEVER condone killing harmless animals such as cow and pigs for personal pleasure.

Just do our best. Every little step in eliminating animal cruelty is a step closer towards compassion and peace. Cheers!

By the way, Hi to you, from Malaysia!

Thanks Sharon for your response and support, you make some very good points, especially re being vegan 'all the way from our plates to our lifestyles' and it being almost impossible to be pure vegan in real life! Maybe there are some out there who won't even squat a mosquito that is biting them? ;)  It is about making every little step that you can...as I said, it feels like it's more about 'damage control'...every little bit counts ;)

This is a phenomenal reply and I completely agree.  

Huey Yuek, u are on the right track....it's the thought and action that counts.....be sensible of your self and the surroundings......common sense plays an important roll in our lives.......keep it up.

I just read this. 

Thank you, yes I know it seems like I'm being hard on myself, but I'm just raising the topic as food for thought...and I try to not say now that I'm doing it all for ethical reasons without adding that I also eat cheese and am fully aware of how dairy cows are treated, so I can't judge meat eaters then who eat factory farmed meat...otherwise then I would be a hypocrite. 

I'm a longtime vegan, but I have used leather. Haven't bought it in many years. We all do what we can, but I think trying to continue moving forward should be the goal. And hi.

yes true....it's all about evolving...hi!

Hi! You're not being hypocrite unless you raise pitchforks at others (something that's very common to see against meat eaters around here), and I disagree with not being to go around ethical reasons, no one here is 100% vegan, it's about at least trying.

Thank you, yes I know it seems like I'm being hard on myself, but I'm just raising the topic as food for thought...and I try to not say now that I'm doing it all for ethical reasons without adding that I also eat cheese and am fully aware of how dairy cows are treated, so I can't judge meat eaters then who eat factory farmed meat...otherwise then I would be a hypocrite. So yes you're right, it's about trying...or as I say, 'damage control'...;)

Unless a born and raised vegan, all of us have gone through the self-struggling period as you are facing now. Self-reasoning was our beginning to advance our practices as well.

As you have seen how our society is, products of cruelty have invaded into every tiny part in our life, it really takes a lot of affords and time to persist our standpoints. Just imagine how a meek dog survives among a pack of wolves.

As we have recognize that it is our conscience and empathy on the pains suffered by the animals that turn us into vegetarians, our intuition would propel us to perfect our practices in time.

As a philosophical point of view, the whole human race is hypocrite in deed, since our ancestors started to use the brain to trick for survival. But it is a matter of evolution. Happy with it or not, humans are evolving toward a more expanded consciousness which is able to feel the pains and suffers of other species as our own. And this advancement will propel more inventions and systems for a thorough ethical lifestyle in the future, until we have given up the whole outdated beastly system. 

Putting aside the egoistic reflection, nothing is ashamed to be born and raised in this hypocritical human race. But shamed are those who have noticed or been informed the need to race aforth from the outdated beastly stage of evolution, yet they refuse to evolve ahead but excuse themselves to remain their indulgence in the primitive lusts.

As the whole universe is marching ahead, some pioneers would naturally emerge to accelerate the process. Though superficially these pioneers look "extreme" to the majority, but they are simply a small bunch which happened to be more evolved in the first place. By their advanced perceptions and capabilities to see things more clearly, they carry the mission to accelerate the whole evolution process. Nothing outstanding here, it is just how the Nature works.

I liked your comment 'products of cruelty have invaded into every tiny part in our life' - so true and well put! And it is about 'perfecting our practice'....my mean immediately starts thinking...what animal has suffered for this product to exist? By the way, evolution is happening in Canberra, Australia, where they are getting to the stage of outlawing cruel factory farming! Amazing, what a breakthrough, I never thought that would become a law...even though it makes perfect sense. I just thought meat corporations would never let it happen.  Maybe that's just in the US though.


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