Hello, I'm a vegetarian who eats dairy, eggs and fish, so I guess I'm a pescetarian? And a hypocrite?

I also eat dairy, so I guess I can't say I'm veggo for the animal rights as dairy cows are treated worse that than the others! At least the others die at the end of their misery or short lives, the dairy cows are kept pregnant, alive and suffering. So, along with my eating fish, I'd like to just say that I like to partake in 'damage control' rather than say I am vegetarian for the ethical reasons...as then it opens up the whole gammit of....do you wear leather? do any of your skincare products test on animals or use animal by-products? etc etc....so only if you follow a strict regime can you truly say you are doing it purely for ethical reasons. Anyone agree with me on this? Hi by the way!! :)

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hahahaha...no..you're not a hypocrite...keep goingggg

I'm 40 days into being a vegetarian, and I too eat eggs, and consume some dairy but not much. I did it for health reasons and now see the ethical value in it as well. I wouldn't call you a hypocrite, you are taking steps toward better health and a better world.

I have a leather belt from like 15 years ago, but nothing else. I can't afford leather or fur nor do I want to wear it.

I do the best I can and if other vegetarians or vegans want to criticize I say let them. It's not me that has the problem, it's them.

You are making an effort and that is what counts. I started off like you, pescatarian, then went vegetarian and then vegan, all in about 6 months. you have to start somewhere.

if we really care enough.. we need to take our video recorders to slaughterhouses, dairy barns, trucking.. I see it every day, like a horror show.. I know my avoiding meat will not affect things at all... and far as i'm concerned, if it's dead I may as well eat it.. NEVER eat Kosher meat.. the religious sacrifice is horrible, - would like to see that presented on network TV. . Cattle dehorning.., surgical procedures ... etc etc etc..

  Fishing is a cruel sadistic 'sport' + (the more the fish fights , the more the fisherman enjoys it ) . little children learing the joy . of taking that live fish in their hand makes my guts churn.. scaling / filleting alive. . lobster in brine. 

I agree with you! I am a vegetarian but I know that it takes a lot to make the personal choice to completely forgo meat and animal products, due to cultural norms and deeply ingrained eating habits from childhood, and though eating as few animal products as I can has has been wonderful for me, I cannot change everyone right away. To me, any small steps to hurt the food industry or to reduce the harm and killing of animals are steps in the right direction. Each dollar we take from monsanto and give to local farmers or from the meat producers to ethical companies adds up and sends the right message to suppliers and will show in the consumer market in the long run! 

Degrading someone's food/lifestyle choices will never win them over. Educating, feeding, and being compassionate will win them over. :) 

Just call yourself a pescetarian and not a vegetarian? It's not hypocritical to not be be perfect, but one shouldn't call themselves something they aren't either. I have a relative who insists that my vegan self eats fish because she knows a vegetarian that eats fish.

keep it up Eve ! every gesture is important 

I think if you are in it for the moral reasons, why are you still paying money to cruelty? You're literally giving your money to support this cruelty you supposedly already know about. I don't agree with people who say you can't live 100% vegan, I know a lot of people who dedicate their whole life to do it. I'm one of those people who stops right away after I find out more, not continue to do it anyway. I find out about cruelty involving meat, I stop eating animals, I find out about the cruelty involving eggs and diary, I stop eating it.... find out about leather, fur, stop buying, using it. Find out about medicines, paint, furniture made of animal products, I don't buy them, I get rid of them. Find out about companies who use animals for testing, I stop using these companies... There are alternatives EVERYWHERE, and it's only laziness that makes people think of excuses for how hard it is to be vegan.

Diary and eggs are THE LEAST you can do for the animals.

(Not trying to be mean to you, I'm just really passionate about this...)

"Not trying to be mean to you, I'm just really passionate about this."

But you were mean.  Own that.  You called this woman, and everyone who isn't vegan, lazy and uneducated.  Do you work two jobs and still live paycheck to paycheck?  Does the fifty cent difference between the animal-laced detergent and the vegan-friendly detergent mean you might be able to buy bread this week?  I can tell you right now, I've lived through a time where every cent counted.  I'd buy gas for my car $10 at a time.  And then imagine having to support a family through that.  What about people who work two jobs and have kids?  

It's really easy for those of us who are financially secure to make blanket statements about how those who are less financially secure are lazy because they're not vegan.  But do you honestly think that a single mother who works two jobs is going to come home and research how to be a good vegan?  No.  She's going to spend time with her kids, and do all the thousands of things that are necessary to run a house and keep a family together.  Not everyone who isn't vegan is also lazy and uneducated.  

I'm not financially secure, still doing my thing ;) There are ways.

As for a single mother with two kids, it's not a big deal to cut out meat, diary and eggs. I'm saving 60% of my cash by going vegan, in a country that doesn't even have mock meats, vegan products like vegan cheese on the market. These pre-made products are expensive, you don't need to buy them. I certainly don't.

Vegan deodorant? Are you seriously saying you have to be buying special vegan labeled stuff to be vegan? That is certainly not the case. I don't even own one of those products, let alone spend a fortune on those silly things.

Don't act as if a pre-made breaded chicken breast, or a pre-made marinated wing isn't expensive. You have to make stuff yourself if you want meat similar products to be affordable. It's just as easy to make your own seitan or soy milk, than stuff a turkeys butt and shove it in the oven. It's just laziness people don't want to convert their cooking skills. They want to buy pre-made things that cost a fortune.

Yes, I can own that I'm being mean.. just saying it was not my intention to be.

If you can't be a vegan 100% in your opinion, and you're always gonna be a hyprocite anyway, why not just cut out milk and eggs from your diet? Does twice the less damage.... 

Why? Laziness and greed. Not time, not money.

It takes what u want that matters...just feel free and comfortable of one's doing and beliefs...Nina u are good...takecare

Yeah, pretty much


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