Hello new to vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. I have PETA questions and vegetarian questions

hello everyone.

 I have originally started becoming a vegetarian/vegan? for health reasons at first. as a diet to lose my pre pregnancy weight. but the more I look at videos on the meat industry and how little we know about our food such as (gelatin —animal bones (along with animal skin, hooves, tendons,) found in marshmallows
jello,some icing and gummy bears) I wanted to learn more. so I watched earthings and ever since that movie, I became a vegetarian/vegan..

now I have some questions and they may be pretty long but as a new person to the lifestyle and the research that I google, I do not have anybody in my life to go to for answers so I am hoping you guys can help.

the first question is, what is the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan? at first I Thought it was a vegetarian just cares about eating healthy and still uses dairy products and a vegan is more for animal rights and does not uses dairy products which I think I am..a vegan. according to google. is this correct?

second question I have is , how do you cope with cooking for a meat eater? my bf is one and slowly I am trying to help him understand why meat and dairy products are wrong, I am learning everyday and I used to cook meals for him but I do not feel right being for animal rights and yet making him a meal so I do not bother.

third question is how do you feel about PETA. I watched a show called "pen and tellers bullshit" I love that show and how they correctly show how certain things are bullshit and why. but there was a clip on PETA and now I am confused on the matter. 

rodney coronado who was a spokesperson for PETA, he blew up A Michigan state lab in the name of animal rights and peta supported him and also gave him money. 
and he also taught kids how to make bombs in the name of animal rights.
gary yourofsky was another spokesperson
he was in prison 13 times.
PETA President Ingrid Newkirk — explains how killing more than a thousand animals PETA accepted for shelter in 1999 is “ethical,” because it frees up more money to mount offensive “press slut” campaigns:
“It is a totally rotten business, but sometimes the only kind option for some animals is to put them to sleep forever… It sounds lovely if you’re naïve. We could become a no-kill shelter immediately. It means we wouldn’t do as much work.”
PETA seems to kill more than help. support violence instead of saving animals.
I do not understand how people can support PETA..I was all for PETA until I saw the pen and teller show and looked up this information for myself. how can this company be for animals and yet support violence?
also another spokesperson for PETA answers to using medicine that was used for animals to save her life and says " that she needed it to do more work for animals" using medicine that was tested on poor defenseless animals and yet saying her life was more valuable is wrong.  how do you feel about PETA? and supporting?
fourth question : I find it odd that vegetarians will be willing to eat fake meat. why temp yourself?I  do not eat veggie burgers or chic patties. I rather stay away from anything that looks like meat. what are your ideas?
thank you for your time. as a new vegan? or vegetarian whichever I could be "labeled" I like to hear replies from real people not just the internet so that when meat eaters ask me the same questions, I can answer correctly. 

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Okay let's see- your first question:

1. There are different types of vegetarians. This is how I understand things to be defined: There are four main groups of vegetarians (IMO)- those who eat dairy, those who eat eggs, those who eat both dairy and eggs, and then vegetarians who abstain from both but may purchase items with meat byproduct. These are Lacto-vegetarian, Ovo-vegetarian, Lacto-Ovo vegetarian, and Total Vegetarian, respectively. The difference between a total vegetarian is that a Vegan goes a step further in that they don't use shampoo, clothing, makeup, etc that has been tested/created from animals.

2. Well, no one has relied on me took cook for them. I'd make my family meals back when I ate meat just to be nice, but since going vegan I cook only vegan, and if they want some that's fine :) Do what you feel comfortable with, some members on here do still cook meat for their kids, etc. I personally wouldn't, but that's my own life.

3. Gary Yourofsky was imprisoned for peacefully releasing animals from slaughter. If there was ever an instance where he didn't, I'd be very surprised, but would appreciate a link. He was put in jail because he cost people like the mink industry money... having been in jail doesn't make him a bad person, a lot of activists wind up in jail. I've never heard of this Rodney Coronado guy... Though googling him it shows he was not part of PETA, though maybe PETA supported him beforehand (like they used to support Gary Yourofsky but no longer). He works with the Animal Liberation Front. It also says in the article I found he never built a bomb but an "incendiary device" which started a fire, and that he denied involvement and no charges were pressed against him in this incident. So that's gossip, I think. The claim had been: ""demonstrated how he had constructed a non-explosive, incendiary device out of a plastic jug filled with gasoline to commit the old arson for which he did his time"

I personally am not a fan of PETA, but it seems these claims were made by biased individuals, who used very specific, biased language to slide you over to their way of thinking- especially if they claimed he had made a bomb.

4. Fake meat, that's still one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. I've converted 6 people this year, all thanks to fake meats. They taste nothing like real meat, to say that it's a temptation is ridiculous. Do what you do, but I think it's pretty holier-than-thou to go on about how other people make their transitions. Personally, I care about the animals, not a person's dietary choices beyond that, because it's not my business to judge them?? Yeah... Lol

about fake meat. I am not judging I just want to understand why a person would want to eat it. I agree with the whole PETA thing. I used to support them but I can see why people wouldn't. as far as cooking. I cook for my fiancee and I dont anymore. I do not see the point in supporting a meat eater. thank goodness I stopped that. and hopefully I can teach my children as they get older to become veg eaters. thank you for answering my questions. I am still not sure what "title " I should be using. I do not eat meat, nor anything dairy so does that make me a vegan? I threw out all my makeup so hopefully I can learn to get brands that do not use animals and also clothing as well. I am not sure what to be looking so I have more research to do. .


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