Hey everybody, I've just recently acted upon my long held convictions about the moral, health, environmental, and spiritual reasons why you should not consume meat or animal by-products. For now I am still eating eggs, honey, milk, etc, although I am doing my best to find these in an Organic, cruelty-free variety from health food stores. 

However, I just read a post about gelatin, and it occurred to me that there were many products that I hadn't even thought of that probably contained gelatin and other animal byproducts such as over the counter medications, some candies and granola bars, cereals, etc. 

And then after that, I thought about how many soaps and lotions and other toiletries are made from fats and glycerins which are most likely animal byproducts, but its very difficult to tell. 

I had been doing great up until now and feeling very encouraged and empowered by my ability to resist the temptation to eat meat, but I feel a bit like I can't escape from products created using the suffering of animals no matter how hard I try. I would really appreciate it if somebody would furnish me with a list of animal byproducts (in their "ingredient language" names) so that I can be mindful about watching out for them in the products I consume, but also if anybody has any organic, animal byproduct free products they like for things like soaps, lotions, etc, I would greatly appreciate it. If I'm going to make this a new lifestyle, I want to stand by my convictions 100%, not be a hypocrite who only doesn't eat "obvious meat." Thanks!

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Hello there :) I can def relate to this. It also makes me extremely frustrated when they're allowed to change the names of their products around in ingredient's labels, like they're trying to trick you. The best attitude to have is: I'll try my best, but if I make a mistake, that's okay, I'll learn and know better next time. Some veggies on here will accidentally (or be accidentally given in their food) dairy or meat products, and are generally horrified. I find guilt in those situations to be useless, you didn't know, being veggie I think is a continuing learning process. Just be patient and give yourself lots of grace on certain things. 

I go to the store Lush, which is Vegan I believe. They sell shampoos, soaps, all sorts of nice things. It depends what is available in your area. Also eating the least amount of processed foods, try eating things a lot more raw. A general rule of thumb is, the larger the ingredient's list, the higher the likelihood there is animal product tucked away in there (in my experience). 

Thanks for your advice Lauren. :) I definitely agree with you that guilt after the fact is pointless; your actions were no more malicious than the insects you unwittingly and unavoidably swallow in your sleep. Being a veggie is about minimizing the suffering caused by your lifestyle, it is probably impossible to live in a way that produces no animal suffering... When your vegetables are harvested they probably displace some birds, insects, small mammals etc. 

But your own guilt is just as bad as the animal suffering you hope to prevent. Treat yourself with the same dignity, understanding, and tolerance you would any other animal. 

That is perfectly said :)

I'm new also! Maybe we can help each other! <3 I do worry very much about these sorts of things, just learned the other day what gelatin was and I've been eating it in my cereal all this time :/

Since a few days ago I have been frantically checking the ingredients on everything I eat. XD I had to give up Haribo gummy bears because they're made with pork gelatin. I even sent an email to the producer of my favorite shaving cream after noting "Stearic acid" as an ingredient, a compound that can be derived from either animals or vegetables. Their customer service guy assured me there are no animal by products in their products, so that reassured me a bit.


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