My name's Swantje, I'm from Germany, 19 years old and a Vegetarian for 7 years. 2 months ago I wanted to start a vegan life, it's going quite good. I'm studying history of literature, art and media at Lake Constance and during the semester breaks I work in animal shelters all over Europe (especially Romania and Bulgaria).

Well, that's it, if you want to know anything, just send me a message :)

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Hi, I just became vegan recently.  After reading about the abuse to dairy cows is the reason I became vegan!  I have also been a vegetarian for 6 yrs now.  I have never been a big meat eater, and never liked it!  I love animals and hate all the abuse on factory farms!  So sad and heartbreaking what happens to them at the hands of humans (serial killers)!


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