I was having a discussion with someone why we shouldn't eat meat and this was what he had to say.

"Lesly Arreola you're wrong. Humans can't disgust veggies. They contain cellulose which humans can't disgest. Meat is digested without a problem. Humans are meant to eat meat... Would you like a vegetarian guy as husband? He would be skinny as a girl with no muscle."

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Are you kidding? Well tell him Brad Pitt and Myke Tyson are vegan. 

That is funny actually, because I'm training kickboxing and I havent noticed I'm smaller than my friends. And for example my mentor in being vegan and training is this guy, he is vegan. Frank Medrano. Look how he looks like.


as far as I know, there are many vegan athletes, fighters, bodybuilders etc. For example World Champion in armwrestling is Vegan :D So your friend is WRONG, real men dont make other suffer :)

Vegan Power ! :)

LOL.... yeah, what he said was funny! He obviously hasn't done much research on the mater. Kamil right! I also told him there are many vegan athletes, fighters, bodybuilders etc.


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