What do you respond to a person that says "Ewww Id rather not watch animals getting slaughtered, i find it very disturbing for me on an emotional level" so I responded " So then why do you eat it? Their response...."Because i dont kill animals. i just eat them" This got me a little upset because it just sound a little hypocritical. I've been a vegetarian for 7 months so im still learning on wining a battle with a meat eater.

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Meat eaters will never win the argument because there is no excuse for killing animals and everyone knows this but may try and hide it, although, sometimes it seems as though they do because they are the majority and they have their meat eater friend to join their side and effectively laugh at you. I personally love arguing and rustling people feathers that's why I grab the opportunity when it comes to argue with a meat eater because it IS an argument I will always win! muhah! Also the more you argue with them Lesly the more points you'll think of. 

I had similar discussions with my friends about it. Killing an animal for meat is most violent part of meat eating and everyone is not open to it. One can try to argue that animals are being killed because someone is going to eat them. Probably many people will stop eating meat if they have to kill it.

If no one eat meat anymore, no one wear fur anymore, no one wear boots anymore, no one use any animal products anymore ....

There will be no sufferings and pains for animals anymore.


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