Hi!  I'm Dave from Staten Island. 

I gave up eating meat exactly a week ago today.  So far I've had no craving fro meat at all.  I had my last burger last Wednesday and while eating it I had the thought flash into my head "I'm eatring a dead cow!"  I don't know why it took me so long to come to this realisation.  But I'm glad I did.  I'm already thinking of going more vegan.  I just hate that we have to have labels and stick to them so rigidly.  I've already given up dairy milk.  I use soy coconut milk now instead.  I'm going to try to find some vegan cheese and butter and see how I get on with those.  I'm reading a lot online and I'm following several vegetarian and vegan blogs.  I want to do this right and in a way that I can stick with and not burn myself out as some people seem to do.

I'm looking forwad to making friends on here. :)

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So nice to know more people are becoming aware each day :)

It sucks to have labels, but no one realizes that Veg or not, you will still have a label. Your job is a label, your gender is a label, your sexuality is a label, your clothes is a label, everything runs on labels... You also need to realize that anything different from the social norm, will always be called a "Label". All you can do is promote good morals, health, and lifestyle, without putting much pressure on the word vegetarian/vegan. I know how annoying it is for people to laugh at you about going Veg so get ready for a lot of oppression. But always keep your head up and know that the strongest people always stand alone.

Proud of you for going veg.

~Love (v)

Hello, Dave. :) Congratulations! I'm sure this is gonna be awesome for you.

Thanks Nina and Barbara.  I already feel better both physically and emotionally for not eating meat.  It's nice to not have that slight feeling of guilt when I eat.  I haven't told that many people yet.  My wife and I are going to a family block party tomorrow.  My wife has been vegetarian for over 20 years so her family are supportive but most of them don't know that I've joined her yet.  I think they will be surprised lol!

You're welcome! :) I know exactly how you feel. Going veg was the best decision I made in my life. :) Good luck! They're gonna love it!

Thanks both of you. I'm growing in confidence and belief that I can really do this!

I've had better burgers as a #vegan than I did as a meat eater, or even as an 18 year veggie.  I think the choices and textures/tastes of alternatives are actually much better than I ever imagined.  Enjoy the journey. :)

That's because we learn to experiment with new ingredients, something we didn't do when eating animals. I've found a taste for things I never even liked or knew by becoming vegan and that's fkin awesome.

Congrats man.  Ur on the path of godliness!!  keep it up!  And dont be shy 2 let others know 2 =)

I just tried Trader Joe's vegan butter, Earth Balance.  I expected it to be an acquired taste.  But I swear it tastes better than dairy butter.  I've also got some coconut milk ice cream to come in a while.  We even bought some tofu.  I bought a pack of tofurkey sausages.   The only disappointment is they didn't have any vegan cheese.

lol.. veggie oils own dairy fats.  Coconut milk/oil is my favorite...  Almond milk too.

Im vegan now for 10 months.. I tasted a bit of buter and I just spat it out.. tasted crappy.  same with milk,.


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