Hello everyone.
I'm Dan. A 20 year old and just over 1 year old vegan from up near Sheffield in the U.K. I made the switch to a vegan lifestyle from a pretty heavy meat and dairy diet just over a year ago right after I saw the documentary Vegucated. I later stumbled upon the Abolitionist approach to veganism; the philosophy behind it resonated with me greatly which stopped me supporting animal welfare projects such as PETA and others alike as I don't believe in using animals as resources in any way.
I'm really interested about people who are 100% raw vegan. I'm not one personally but I would like to learn more about it. If there are any on here reading this I'd like to know why you went raw and what the benefits are to it. I like to incorporate a few raw meals every now and again but I really enjoy cooking :).
I enjoy many different genres of music, cycling, walking, yoga, meditation, art and I am also qualified to teach people to snowboard.
Have a good day everyone!

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Just curious. Since you mentioned that your previous lifestyle includes rather substantial meat and dairy products, did you make the switch abruptly or approach your new lifestyle in a, kind of, step-by-step manner?

Snowboarding- hm, must be thrilling, does it snow a lot in where you live? (It NEVER snows here. #lol)

Yes, I made the switch abruptly as soon as I had finished watching the documentary. I wouldn't have been able to go into it step by step as I was so appalled by what I had learnt.
No it doesn't snow a lot here, we have a few indoor, real snow places that are rather fun. Scotland is the closest place nearby where you can snowboard outside. :)

Frankly, I'm impressed! 

You also mentioned that you're qualified to teach people to snowboard- does this require certifications as well?

Thanks! :)
And yeah you need to do an outdoor first aid, safeguarding children & a snowboarding instructors certificate. Currently I'm level 1, there are 4 levels. Level 1 allows me to instruct on indoor and beginner slopes in the U.K. Hopefully I'll do level 2 soon so I can get some resort work!

Yeah sure thing man. I guess I first learnt about meditation from a few documentaries about Buddhism (I watch a lot of random documentaries). With regards to yoga I heard it was good for your core so I picked it up for physiotherapy reasons, it's a great workout!

Yeah if you are interested you should definitely go. I went to one in Sri Lanka a few years ago and it was wonderful! 
I don't go to gyms, I do all my workouts either outside or inside. For muscular stuff I don't use any other resistance apart from my own body weight as I heard that's the best for you and it's harder to make yourself look out of proportion that way. This is good because I don't intend on being super buff haha!
Include a load of purple fruits and veggies into your meals after working out, something to do with the alkaline properties in purples makes your body ache much less, (Something I've heard and it seems to work for me). :)

Athletic people, great! :D I'm an avid runner myself. What do you guys do for your workouts??

Ah cool! I used to run a lot but switched to cycling as I can use it for travel as well as exercising. I don't know if you already know this but when I got seriously into running I was told to go to a proper running shop and get my feet/stance assessed. It turns out I had over pronation which in the long term of running could have really damaged my joints, I got some running shoes that counteracted this and the difference was crazy.

Insoles help too! :D They're a blessing to runners!

Hello Dan! That's impressive of you switching from heavy meat-and-dairy -based diet to a vegan one.

I was thinking about going half raw vegan, but I would prefer my food at least warm so I'm still figuring out which dehydrator that would fit what I want. Some of my friends went half raw and they really liked it and said that it gives them the extra boost of energy and better sleep.

I can associate more about cycling, walking, and meditation, but snowboarding... that'll take some courage to go down the slope. (<- Suddenly have a fear of height.) 

Have a good day.

Hi Anne!
That's the same with me regarding raw vegan, I do like to cook stuff :) Plus I find that if you really want to get into it you need to buy some new equipment such as a dehydrator. I have been getting into more salads and stuff recently but I'm always put off as I can never seem to make one that fills me up a load. Usually I add about 1/4 - 1/2 a can of some form of pulse such as black eyed beans or something which helps out.
Snowboarding isn't too scary to be honest, I'd recommend anyone try either skiing or snowboarding at least once. It's great! :)

For raw vegan meals right now, I focus more on the lighter meals and the snacks as they don't need any additional equipments. Vegan cookies are especially yummy and filling. (For example the vanilla cookies are balls made with coconut oil, shredded coconut, almond power, pinch of salt, and a few drops of vanilla essence. Extremely calories, good fat, and protein dense. I've tried it as Gu-replacement and liked it in my runs.)  

I am waiting for my new oven to be all plugged in as I've read in some sites that they recommended using the lowest temperature setting on the oven to function as a dehydrator. I wanted to see if I like it before I invest heavier in equipment.

As for salads, definitely adding protein makes it more balanced. I've also added a handful of nuts or seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, shredded almond, etc.), and also some carbohydrates and some good oil (avocado or walnut oil and lemon juice as seasoning.) For me that makes the salad far more filling.

I'll take your word on snowboarding. I'll probably need a very tiny hill to try to get my balance before trying anything more daring. LOL. 


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