Hello! I'm a new member here. I've been searching for friends who are also vegetarian or vegan for advice and discussion and this site just seemed perfect. I was born and I lived in Vannes, France and now I am living in the United States because my father had to move due to work. I'd like to move back to France, but it is very hard to be vegetarian there. . . Oh well! I'm a girl who has always been compassionate and who has always fought for the rights of those who are trampled on. Well, I feel as if animals are trampled on the most in today's society, no? Anyway, my parents are very ignorant to say the least and hate me for being vegetarian. Euh, it is a French thing. A common stereotype of French people is that we take food way too seriously. Well, this is very true! Meat is in almost all French food. It's very good, but I now refuse to eat it. Haha. Other things I am passionate about: yoga, vocal music, nutrition, health, LGBT rights, and cats. c: Odd question - but does anyone have advice about vegan cheese? I love pizza over everything, but dairy cheese is very, very fattening. I know vegan cheeses would probably be a lot less fattening, but that's just something I'm not very knowledgeable about!

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Hello :) I'm a new member here too! Add me as a friend and I will tell you about me, if you want. :)

Stay put or go back to your roots? Well, your heart is obviously in the right place, and that's all that matters. Wherever you are, the welfare of other creatures will always take precedence. As for needful info, there's tons on here, if you know where to look. 

Hi Julia, welcome to VF! I never found a vegan cheese that I liked so I just have cheeseless pizzas now... I use quite a few strong-tasting ingredients as a topping (jalapeños, sun dried tomatoes, capers, fried mushrooms, herbs, olives... that kind of thing) and use either a home made tomatoe sauce or use a vegan aubergine pesto from a supermarket. I don't miss the cheese at all :D


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