If you are a vegetarian or vegan who chooses not to eat honey,I'de like to know your main reasons for it. I've never been crazy for the taste and usually just don't want it,but it is in a lot of other foods you buy and I want to know if it's worth avoiding. Is it? Obviously the bee keeping industry isn't as gruesome or brutal as the meat or dairy industry,but the bees must be some what exploited,considering every grocery store around is stocked with honey and products made with it. Sorry for my ignorance on the subject. I'm pretty new to vegetarian/vegan living.

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I've heard from other vegans that the process involves the death of a lot of bees, I dunno. I've never liked honey.

I was turned off by it after Gary Yourofsky explained what honey really is: bee vomit. It's hard for me to look at it the same now. I have learned a bit about bees and apparantly they have a very complex social structure. They are pretty amazing and important! The honey industry is just another way to exploit these creatures and the environment. I really like stevia now anways...

What is stevia? Never had it before. I saw that video,recently. Really turns you off! Yea,they are important and complex. I don't expect everyone to stop eating honey,but the bees definitely deserve more respect.

I like honey but i switched to real maple syrup and use it to sweeten everything.I have never baked with it. sometimes i just pour a spoonful and taste it.

Interesting  William Pine   i did not know that about honey

Also in the pursuit of production we have altered bees through breeding, catastrophically in the case of "Killer Bees".

I was watching some special, the guy who accidentally introduced the killer bee has bred a bee that doesn't sting people, and he has some program teaching people how to collect the honey from them, it was very interesting.

That is interesting but that still seems so genetically manipulative. I found this but not sure if it is the same guy, this just tells me we are never satisfied with production. http://www.kilty.demon.co.uk/beekeeping.htm

Yeah you'd think he'd have learned his lesson from messing around!! Lol. Guess he wanted to redeem himself, he didn't want to be known just for that.

I saw it on the Animal Planet channel, trying to find it

lol he's trying to redeem himself....You got me interested no doubt. It is the paradox of the genius who's original idea was not the problem it was his genius that was the problem but he can't figure it  out because he thinks the only problem is the original idea and he now has to fix it with his genius. Geniuses should be required to be vegan by law.

Alright, I honestly don't know where a lot of you are getting your facts so I'm just going to help clear up the confusion. I have been a vegan for 10 years.I have also been a beekeeper for 6. And I eat honey. For those of you saying that bears eat honey you need to do some more research, Winne the Pooh is not a source. Bears do not eat honey, they eat the bees. Also, beekeepers do not hurt the bees in the process of extraction. There is no abuse going on, beekeepers take the excess honey from hives during harvest leaving the bees with an ample amount to survive the winter. The worst abuse that would go on is accidently stepping on a bee and crushing it unintentionally. So the arguments about bees being exploited are ridiculous. I would be happy to go more in depth in the process of honey extraction if anyone is interested.

Just because you yourself are a bee keeper, it doesn't mean everyone follows the same practices as you. What happens with your Queen Bee? out of interest. And most bees ARE also factory farmed, they must lead a pretty good life.



http://forevermore.net/articles/whats-wrong-with-honey/ this one is for and against. 

Being kept as a slave for food IS exploitation. Honey isn't meant for humans and there are many alternatives out there. Just because they make it and we take it, doesn't mean its right.

Bees have a short life span and shouldn't be taken advantage of because of this. If you are going to eat honey know where its coming from. Some beekeepers use pesticides to keep other insects at bay which in turn kills their bees.

Eat Organic (know where its from)  honey if you feel you must but do it responsibly, otherwise you're a nob. 

FYI you're not vegan if you eat honey.


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