If you are a vegetarian or vegan who chooses not to eat honey,I'de like to know your main reasons for it. I've never been crazy for the taste and usually just don't want it,but it is in a lot of other foods you buy and I want to know if it's worth avoiding. Is it? Obviously the bee keeping industry isn't as gruesome or brutal as the meat or dairy industry,but the bees must be some what exploited,considering every grocery store around is stocked with honey and products made with it. Sorry for my ignorance on the subject. I'm pretty new to vegetarian/vegan living.

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I use it. Someone once told me I was a Beegan lol! Anyway, I don't buy the stuff at the grocery store though. I buy mine at the farmers market, besides tasting better and having more variety it's usually a one man operation. Those smaller operations are usually more humane. You will pay more, but it is so worth it!

I am a vegan and I don't eat honey as I believe the worldwide consumption of honey is what is killing the honey bees on a large scale.  Aside from the pesticides, when we take away honey from a hive we leave nothing for the baby bees to feed on.  The bee keepers in large bee 'farms' replace the honey with poor substitutes like corn syrup among other things.  This weakens the bees and they do not grow up as strong and resilient as they should.  Think of the immunity and fantastic start that breastfeed babies receive.  Formula fed babies are at a very distinct disadvantage.  I use homemade jaggery syrup as a replacement :)


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