Please help! I am trying to convince a few friends why they should give up meat and I mentioned the anitbiotics and hormones being pumped into the animals... one friend said that they are pumping hormoes into plant foods this true? Seems iffy to me.

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What you have to worry about is GMO. By eating organic you easily bypass that. Course they can eat "organic" meat or "free range" or whatever crap it is they're calling it, but there are many documentaries which reveal that those animals still tend to be distressed and diseased.

My mum just grows her own veg in an allotment to be sure there is nothing harmful in it. You could think about that as an option :) if you don't like the thought of it, just go organic. 

I second the GYO approach. Taking control of at least some of your own food production is a great way to obtain a little freedom (as well as all the other benefits of course).

^ That's a good point, fellow Lauren :)

The only artificial use of hormones that I'm aware of with plants are those used in propagation. They occur naturally in plants but are also produced synthetically for use in horticulture. I don't know much about the hormones fed to animals but I imagine that they can't be very good for them (or for those who consume the animal products).

Antibiotics are a major issue in terms of the prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria and the potential consequences for animal species (including humans). I believe I read that 70% of the antibiotics produced globally are fed to animals in an effort to promote faster growth/higher yields... A very shortsighted approach considering the risks.

Thank you for your insight! You are very knowledgeable.


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