How can fish & sea-food eaters claim to be Vegetarians? Pescatarians are NOT vegetarian on ANY level !

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I used to feel the same way, but over time I changed, the same way these people may change over time.

You must remember that they are still contributing for the reduction of harm done to living things,

so it doesn't help if they are fighting society AND people they think they are on the same page with, (if anything it may make them give up)

I agree. Very well put, Nav.

Hi all, I have been around on this site for quite some time & am quite perplexed when I see a number of "Pescatarians" on this site which is primarily meant for promoting the spirit of Veganism/Vegetarianism. It is my firm belief that being a Pescatarian is just the same as being yet another meat eater. Its like these Pescatarians have chosen the way of "Selective Non-Vegetarianism" & yet trying to project themselves as animal lovers.. How pretentious can some people be?! What's the point of them being on this site then?!

yeah.. and they talk of the fallacy that fish is not meat.  And they actually convince themselves of that bs.   The hell right?

Mr REDD, do you really want me to elaborate more on the subject? I really can't see what's so difficult for you to comprehend! If you didn't "get" the point of the post yet, its pointless if I come up with more points. Thanks for contributing to the post.

Mr.Redd, thanks for your unwarranted suggestion. I can see that you had nothing worth contributing to a constructive discussion, so instead you are trying to give me suggestions as to why I should not comment on other people's lifestyle, when my primary intention was not to comment but to raise questions what such people are trying to promote through this green site in the first place. If you asked me a question "can't they be animal lovers?", then my answer would be "NO, they can't be & are just pretending.." I have the right to my opinion and you also have the right to disagree with my opinion as long as disagreements are aired respectfully. Its not your prerogative to suggest what kind of topics I should or should not raise. As for any "rules", thats for the moderator to decide not me & its beyond my control.

Why so much aggression? We are all supposed to be mates here.

Fine dear bro, my intention was not to belittle anyone so I was a bit offended when I felt you are mocking me. Now that the confusion is mutually cleared, lets chill :)

bengali people take fish as fruit (as i was said), as some meat eats meat as 'prasad'

Brother Ananta, I have a lot of Bengali friends & have also observed the Bengali tradition closely, but so far I have NOT come across any instance of Fish being served as "Prasad" or Devotional offering. Kindly provide some legitimate source of your information.. perhaps some ignorant tribal communities of Bengal may be observing such a stupid custom but I am unaware of that.. So, I am very curious to know about such a custom if does exist!

@Sudeep...yes,there are many Hindus in India, not only tribal communities and to consider tribals as ignorant is pretty classist if you ask me.

Particulaly in Puri, where the ocean is, the Hindus do in fact eat fish and they are vaishnava, so obviously they take it as prasad.

Frankly, vegetarianism in Hinduism is a new thing. Hindus, especially brahmins, ate meat. It is recorded in the Vedas.


@Fruitfly: No, I didn't ask you about your opinion on what constitutes "Classist". I believe any community which consumes "fish" or meat as Prasad is ignorant, & I have the right to my opinion regardless of what others believe. Except Aghoris & practitioners of Tantra, I am not aware of any such non-vegetarian Prasad custom. You can disagree & I have no issues with that. The biggest problem with some westerners is that they often claim that they know more about Hinduism than any practising Hindu, & do not even allow any Indian to represent Hinduism in international religious debates, arrogantly saying "We know more about your religion than you do".  The issue is that even the most meticulous research into any particular religion is useless if one does not understand the spirit of that religion. Most westerners fail to understand the spirit of Hinduism & analyze everything from a flawed Freudean perspective.. Some of them (chiefly Wendy Doniger & her tribe), are so insistent in defiling Hinduism for vested interests that recently some Hindus had to resort to legal recourse to banish a recent publication of hers which had tried to give a vulgar, sexual meaning to the life of Lord Krishna & other popular Hindu Gods. Secondly, there are many versions of the Vedas, the version you read may or may not be authentic. The Vedas were a synthesis of texts written by the Yogi Maharishis of ancient times, & they were passed on to their followers, some of whom added their own "subjective" ideas into them. I am of the firm belief that every religious Holy book, be it Koran, Bible or Gita has been altered from its original version by none other than the followers for their own personal interests. A study claims that Prophet Mohd was also an advocate of Vegetarianism & advised his followers the same, but some others obviously had other ideas.. hence modern Islam is a religion which unabashedly condones Non-Vegetarianism saying that all animals are God's gift to man to used "as he pleases".

Back to Hinduism, I have visited Puri myself & am yet to meet any Vaishnavas who eat Fish as Prasad.. yes they do eat meat but NOT as prasad. Meat & fish is not offered to any Hindu deity except Kali & Kaal Bhairava, that too on specific occasions. Vaishnavas are devotees of Lord Vishnu & are surely not stupid to offer Tamasic food to their deity. And you are again mistaken when you claim that "frankly" Vegetarianism in Hinduism is a new thing. It is not. Even more amusing is the fact that you used the word especially "Brahmins" ate meat. You could not be more wrong. Again, I'm cool with you assuming whatever your "study" has conditioned you to believe. You can contradict EVERYTHING I said, I'm not asking you to post proof nor am I interested in posting my version of proof. Either you are mistaken or I am. But eventually, truth shall prevail :)


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