How can fish & sea-food eaters claim to be Vegetarians? Pescatarians are NOT vegetarian on ANY level !

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if you don't respect them, then they likely won't respect you.

look at how many wars are started because of hate and disrespect?

if we blow up the world, then veganism is not an issue anymore is it?

1st, You have to give respect to get it. Not respecting people you don't know only makes you mean and un-respectable but hey, thats your choice. 

2nd, Not everyone makes their dietary choices for compassionate reasons so while your entitled to your opinion, it's more helpful to our cause for you to embrace those making any attempt to be better. Your "all or nothing" attitude puts you in the extreme minority and will more than likely keep others you know from even imagining life without animal products and bi-products. How does that help animals?

3rd, I'm not vegetarian but my personal diet is far, far less detrimental to animals than the diet of an average vegetarian who consumes eggs and dairy (I don't). I'm okay with my choices and am happy with anyone who is even considering making even the smallest changes to do better. A truly compassionate person shares their compassion with other humans too and in doing so allows others to think about things they might never have thought of. 

You're correct, they are words, nothing else. Their meanings generalize a diet or belief but few of us probably adhere to their exact definitions. I identify more with pescatarianism because on occassion I consume fish yet I don't eat processed foods, eggs or dairy so I have to laugh a little when vegetarians call me out. I can only imagine they haven't bothered to educate themselves on the atrocities of factory farming which is nothing but the torture, mutilation and eventual slaughter of billions of animals.

There are very few people who live in a modern world, righteous enough to truthfully say, they eat no processed foods, no GMO foods, no eggs, no dairy, no honey, they use no silk, no fur, no leather, etc... etc... etc... As long as animal products and bi-products are in the food, clothing, furniture etc... we are not Vegan. Therefor, we should not stand in judgement of others unless we ourselves have gone off the grid. I'm going to guess most, if not all of us typing away on our computers or iPhones or iPads can't truthfully claim that.

Well I agree that pescatarians are not vegetarians. These words have particular definitions in the English language, and that is that. If you eat fish, even if it's once a year, you are not by definition a vegetarian. Personally I hate when pescetarians call themselves vegetarians, because omni's see them eat fish and hear that they are vegetarian and then assume that all vegetarians eat fish. Fish eaters just need to acknowledge that they are pescetarians so vegans and vegetarians lives are easier!

I wasn't talking to you or about you, nor about the ethics or morals of vegetarianism or pescetarianism. I said the words pescetarian and vegetarian have particular meanings. A pescetarian eats fish but does not eat meat. A vegetarian does not eat meat or fish. Those are the definitions of the words. When a person wrongly identifies themselves and as vegetarian whilist being pescetarian they sometimes confuse other people. I have a relative who insists that I eat fish because she once saw a vegetarian eat fish!

I understand that, But I'm pointing out to you, the average vegetarian eats far more fish than I. You cannot avoid it if you eat processed foods and the other foods I mentioned. Most vegetarians do.  So call it whatever you want, just know its no better.

Sooooo by knowing nothing about me you assume that I am a vegetarian and therefore eat fish because I also eat processed foods, another assumption that you made?

Eating processed foods if one chooses has nothing to do with anything at all. Eating or not eating processed foods is not part of vegetarianism. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan processed foods available that one can safely eat without consuming any animal by-products or ingredients. Vegetarians are capable of reading the ingredients and not eating animals with their processed foods. Oh and not all vegetarians eat processed foods!

Get off your high horse. Your no better than anyone for not eating a "processed" food.

Sooooo by knowing nothing about me you assume that I am a vegetarian and therefore eat fish because I also eat processed foods, another assumption that you made?

There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan processed foods available that one can safely eat without consuming any animal by-products or ingredients. Vegetarians are capable of reading the ingredients and not eating animals with their processed foods. Oh and not all vegetarians eat processed foods!

Actually, I said.... the average vegetarian eats far more fish than I. I never said ALL, or YOU, you're the one who is assuming. But since you did, many vegetarian and even vegan processed foods contain ingredients that are inhumane. Take Earth Balance for example, the first ingredient on the list is Palm Oil! I would gnaw on my left foot before I'd contribute to the palm industry. But lots of Veg@ns just don't know so thats why this page exists. To understand and to contribute our knowledge and hopefully help each other to do better.  


By replying to a person and saying the average so and so whatever, implies that you are including them, specifically.

You have no right to assume what the average vegetarian eats! Not to mention that this "vegetarians eats fish because they eat processed foods assumption" is preposterous. There is no data to back that up.

Palm oil is not fish. Vegan-ism and vegetarianism only have to do with abstaining from consuming animals, they are not diets based on ethical farming or fair trade. Palm oil is vegan regardless of how it's sourced. A person can choose to buy ethically farmed and fair trade products regardless of if they eat meat or not. (Although "ethical meat" is a joke, but whatever). If you think that the vegan-ism and vegetarianism extend into avoiding GMO's processed foods, palm oil, etc... then you clearly do not know what vegan-ism and vegetarianism is and do not recognize that the whole GMO-processed food palm oil avoidance has nothing to do with the latter. Learn what something is and what it pertains to before you make judgements on it. You are not better than other vegetarians because you don't eat palm oil. Actually anyone who walks around claiming "my diet is better than this diet because of "insert bullshit here"" is most definitely not a better person than anyone else! It's great when people avoid unethical products, but not buying or buying palm oil has NOTHING to do with veganism.

You're obviously more concerned with winning an argument than applying common sense. Those who are Veg@n for compassionate reasons absolutely want to refrain from contributing to anything that causes the extinction or death of a species hence the no honey, no silk etc.... They may not eat the bees or the silk worm but they don't want to contribute to the abuse either.

For me, common sense would dictate, If i am a Veg@n who chooses my diet for compassionate reasons, the fact that my "Vegan" margarine is contributing to the total extinction orangutans and their habitats as well as countless other creatures would matter to me and just because I don't eat Orangutan meat doesn't make the slaughter less relevant or okay. Most Vegans I know wouldn't argue that. 

I don't think I'm better than anyone. Processed foods are inundated with animal products and bi-products (many of which are not recognizable by their names) and I've seen many vegetarians on this sight say "I do my best but I can't control everything". Well I work very hard to know everything I consume and I have eliminated 90% of my old diet to avoid any trace of animal products. I don't think this makes me better but there are a lot of people who call themselves vegetarian for compassion who eat and contribute to to the harming of animals in ways they know and in ways they don't know. Those people don't need to be regarding themselves as being better than someone who eats fish. Ignorance is no excuse. If that doesn't apply to you than maybe you need to get off your high horse and stop taking it personally.

I like the way you reply and I agree with you Alice. You never said you were better to anyone and I don't quite understand some aggressive reactions.
To Me vegetarians just don't eat animal flesh, so in my view meat and fish are two different names for the same thing. Vegetarianism has the same definition in French but many people here think that any vegetarian is supposed to eat fish, so I often have to explain that I don't. So people think I'm strict.
I turned vegetarian last summer and I've recently stopped eggs and dairy products at home but I occasionally consume them when I'm invited, that's why I wouldn't call myself a vegan. I just do the best but I might consume them without knowing, although I also try to avoid processed food.
Anyway everyone here contributes in reducing harm, in different degrees. At least we all make efforts and I think respect is essential in every discussion to stay open. It's all about sharing, not a contest. By the way, I'm happy we all can share about our veg@ism in such a forum

Your still funding the animal death industry when you do that....the point is to not consume meat at all in any form so that money doesn't go into killing animals. 

These are your words from "Am I still Vegetarian if I did this? Based on what you said in that thread we agree, so I'm not sure why you're so argumentative with me? I would only add, purchasing products (like palm for example), that promote the savage of killing animals "whether we eat them or not" should be a consideration in a life dedicated to compassion. That's a no brainer to me.


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