Im a lacto ovo vegetarian right now but I really want to go vegan? Every time I tell people I want to go vegan they tell me it's not healthy. How can I convince other people that it's ok. And I'm looking for advice about how I can get all the nutrients being vegan.

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It doesn't matter what other people's opinions are, if you research the facts, you can present that to them. Why do they say it's unhealthy? There's nothing you get from meat you can't get from vegetables. Just take what you eat now, and use vegan replacements. That's the easiest way. Google the vegan food pyramid.

you need to prove anything to anyone. you should read the book "the mcdougall plan" you can find it on amazon for about 4 dollars including shipping.

it explains everything, destroys every nonsensical myth. there is no need to eat dairy products because those are meant for baby cows, we all get our nutrients from plant based diets, as we should. so read that book and you will have no concern or worry in your head

Google "Vegan Society" I get a ton of information from that site, and like Lauren said the Vegan Pyramid, it's dummy proof :)

Tell them about us.  My husband and I have been vegans for 43 years.   We are always healthy.  We have not been sick , not even colds and flus.  Have not seen doctors in all that time.   We are healthy and fit.      I am 62 years old and still hand dig my quarter acre organic vegetable garden with no problems, no  aches and pains.  

Eat a well balanced diet.   We have never ever thought about protein in all that time.   

You don't have to convince anyone.   If it is the right choice for you then that is all that is important.   

Stay positive.   When they see how healthy and happy you are they will start asking why.   

In my experience, and from talking to people, everyone is different. My very good friend went Vegan and actually started losing her hair, her nails became very brittle, and her skin became pale so she had to switch back to animals products. Other people thrive on a Vegan diet and are actually more healthy. 

When I became vegetarian, I became extremely deficient in B12 and D (I'm also about to get my Iron levels tested) so I now take vitamins.

So I guess its all up to your body, listening to it if you need additional vitamins, and making healthy decisions in terms of what you eat. Good luck!! I've seriously thought about becoming Vegan and I'm still considering it. 

"When I became vegetarian ... " Everything you said here is probably nonsence AND LIES. B12 stays in your liver in amount of 1-3g and it is enough for maybe 20-30 years.

Propaganda supporting killing our friends. I cannot tell anything else.

Dont ever believe u r unhealthy because u are vegan. Ive been having vegetarian food since the last 17 years or so and never had any health related problems by eating plants(vegetables) instead of meet. So make up your mind. There is a plethora of nutritious vegetables around u. Very soon u'll forget meat. Stay healthy by being vegan.

You shouldnt need to prove anything to anybody, being vegan is totally healthy for you and if others don't like it too bad for them, just go vegan and others will come around :)


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